The Hadati Crypts

Date: 8/11/2010 at 1:30
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Hadati Crypts

Two lone strangers approached the borders of Elvandar seeking a meeting with the lorekeepers. They were greeted at first by a human mage by the name of Karic, who could not take them further. While waiting for a guide, Baru explained to the mage that he and Shigga wished to speak with the lorekeepers as they sought knowledge of the days before the Armengarians fled north. The re-assimilation of the refugees had not gone as well as hoped, years of strife had made them very different to their Hadati kin. It was their hope that the elves who were longer lived than humans would know of some evidence to help link the two together.

Eventually Michaelis, Vilnearo and Vasilisa arrived and bidding farewell to Karic, the two journeyed to the heart of Elvandar and the Queen. Here they told their story, from shared dreams of ancient evil, to their plight to find a place where the Armengarians could find hard evidence of their link to the Hadati, easing their assimilation back into their people.

While discussing the problem at hand, Gisela mentions a runestone she had found once that was near where Shigga and Baru had their visions. Upon fetching the runestone, an ancient evil manifested within Elvandar in the form of a darkness and the runestone caused Shigga to collapse and Baru waiver. Soon after a blood tinge rimmed the sun and clouds in the sky throughout Triagia.

At this same time, Atlas the renegade human in the city of Sar-Sargoth had a vision of a great skeletal figure killing a child. At the same time, Janatris a member of the Royal Pathfinder and Gisela a follower of the Goddess of Death also had visions of a cloaked Hadati sacrificing a child on an altar.

Knowing the link between death and the runestones, Atlas gathered up his friends and set out in search of them, not knowing they were already in possession of others. One was in the control of the Order of the Nightwalker who had been diligently guarding all stones for days, while another was with Baru deep within Elvandar.

After much discussion, it was confirmed the stones were from graveyards and at the same time Baru was informed of the great Hadati Burial Mound where one was found. Coincidentally the mound was close to where Baru and Shigga had their shared dreams. Vasilisa and Gisela decided it was best to take Baru and Shigga to the mound and see what they could learn.

Soon after arriving at the mound Atlas, Duncapot and Elvarial arrived, and after quickly appraising the situation, slew the elves and Shigga. Angered, Baru utilised all his cunning and within moments dispatched the three raiders as he assessed the situation.

Soon after, having been granted rebirth, the members of Elvandar arrived once more to help Baru and Shigga assess the situation of the mound. From deep within the mound the earth began to rumble and Baru began to sense a presence, one he had not felt for a long time. He explained to his aides that the presence is that of death itself, the death created by the apostate Sopliak.

Sopliak the Cultist was cast out by the Hadati for practicing a banned form of death worship. Rather than believe in the Wheel of Life and rebirth, as do all Hadati and Armengarians, Sopliak believed in transcending death itself and around him sprung up a cult to the worship of the undead. After being cast out of Baru's clan and village, Sopliak found the local burial vault and set up his sect deep in the bowls of the lower levels. With the help of a necromancer he has restablished his cultist priesthood and raised the ancestors of the Hadati, in direct affront to the Hadati who still live.

As the runestones got closer to the crypt, Baluru the greater creature of death felt their presence and knew that soon the wards that protected his tomb would weaken and in rage he called out to the gathering adventurers to join him in the power of death, to shun the sweet embrace of Lims-Kragma.

Disgusted, Baru and Shigga requested the gathering members of Krondor and Elvandar to help them rid the tomb of the evil of Sopliak and Kolo. It was at this point that the adventurers became aware that Kolo's greatest child, the mightiest of the Hadati Chieftains, Baluru, had broken free and was causing the strange occurances throughout the land.

And so it was that several adventurers descended in to the crypt with Janatris and Saleam finding the cultists but retreating without engaging them in bloody battle. Soon after the Sheriff of Krondor, Rhuric the brave as some called him, entered the Crypt and took the cultists on four on one, however he was soon overwhelmed and slain. So it was the battle began to purge the dead and the death priests from the tombs far below the Hadati Highlands.

Penned by my hand on the 30th of Dzanin, in the year 7.