Haunting Headlines and Congressional Catfights

Date: 2/27/2013 at 10:04
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Haunting Headlines and Congressional Catfights

Mini-Murderesses Make Maniacal Mischief and Flee Krondor! Six Dead!

On the 12th of Dzanin cries were heard from the Urchin's Rest orphanage (and suspected organized crime front) in Krondor when the director, a man who calls himself "Caretaker Supre" refused to allow your humble reporter an interview, came upon his charges all murdered in their bunks.

Sources within Krondor's Constablary say that Caretaker Supre left the children to speak with a priestess of Killian and friend who has identified herself as Priestess Jaunie Jannes. They left the children settled in for afternoon naps and have luncheon together, but when the Caretaker returned to the scene he was met with six corpses tucked into the orphanages bunk-beds.

Anonymous reports claim to have seen the children's bodies prior to their funereal rites at sea. Each child, four boys and two young girls, had their throats slashed and were missing two fingers on each hand. We can, at this time, no corroborate if this next piece of news is true, but many locals claim the children's fingers were gruesomely placed on their pillows to look like 'rabbit ears'.

Sheriff Nemi was on the scene right away with Baron Taevi, and while she had no comment on the case, others say they overheard heated discussion between Baron Taevi and Baron Raelyr, and an all-out argument over the whereabouts of two missing girls. Called Annick and Tooly, ages seven and two, the sisters were brought to the orphanage a few weeks prior after reportedly living through the Keshian assault upon Ylith. As you savvy readers likely recall, Ylith was burned to the ground after the townsfolk were slaughtered and used in vile, Keshian experiments. The little girl's bunk was neat and tidy, as if the bed was remade after they got out of it, and no sign of them was found at the crime scene. Sources also report that the Baronial blasting was over differing opinions on the guilt or innocence of these two children.

We will keep abreast of all the pertinent details and scandals going on with this investigation and any peripheral fallout from Krondor's Congressional Catfight. If you see any signs of the little damsels, or little murderesses as many are claiming, authorities ask that you immediately seek a constable and safety. DO NOT let them into your home or leave any young children in their presence. At the moment the young ladies are to be treated as suspects and approached only with extreme caution should they make their whereabouts known.

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Dzanin, in the year 42.