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Date: 3/2/2013 at 5:40
From: Anonymous
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A Field Guide to the Displaced Fae - page 14
by [information redacted]

Djurdja the Fae
Classification: Bewitcher - Illuminated

Gender: n/a

Countermeasure(s): Ensnare to reveal form and control

Threat Level: Nominal (easily ensnared)

Status: Deceased.

Reason for Displacement:
When the barrier before the goblin village of Skreech was deemed impenetrable by any other known magics, the scholar's decided the barrier was crafted with fae-magics as the source of the power, thus explaining the sudden rise in the number of displaced lesser-fae.

Method of Displacement:
It was decided that a water-source near the Crydee River would act as the portal. Jaunie Jannes and [information redacted] underwent the appropriate bindings and revelries prior to arrival. Naftali, the eledhel, volunteered to act as their binding to the Elvandar lands. Using the traditional bone and steel, their blood was spilt and the chants were incanted.
No lives were lost in the Displacement.

Summary of Activity while Displaced:
Djurdja's natural inclination to bewitch was immediately apparent when she arose from the river. Witnesses nearby include Nivek*, Vanko, Marluna*, and Grin, not including the summoners, and though none were harmed, Djurdja's image was of a shimmering, beautiful woman. Naftali seemed the most swayed by her prior to her binding, almost joining her in the water before [information redacted] plucked a strand of her hair and bound her to his will.

Upon binding, Djurdja's form became as it is naturally. Taller than a troll by at least half-again, her frame was only about as wide as a birch sapling and strangely slimmer than a tome. Her skin is seemingly translucent and shows the swirling blue-blackness of her blood beneath. Lacking eyes or nose, a dark slice across her face appeared to be her mouth, lacking any teeth or tongue.

Once in her true form and before the barrier, Djurdja's thrashing and violence calmed and she began to keen softly. Though she lifted her long, pole-like arms towards the barrier, it was her mouth that opened like a rip across her massive head. The forest was silent except for the echo of her sucking the magic forth from the barrier until it was pulled utterly into her, popping swiftly and completely out of existence.

It appears that Ilomba Umdhelbi was somehow merging fae with the goblins within. Zacc, Naftali, Arke*, Nivek, Marluna, and Vanko were quickly joined by the humans Grin, Raelyr, Nemi, Taevi, and Renatta in seeing to the removal of any Keshians or experiments (see addendum IV - hybrid/abominations).

Sadly, before she could be returned to her natural habitat, Djurdja was brought to another barrier within Skreech. Though similar to the outer barrier, this seemed darker and less translucent. Despite precautions taken, it appeared even being near the barrier had fatal consequences for the subject. Erupting in some sort of boils, her skin soon desiccated and her last moments were spent wailing at an ear-bleeding pitch.

Her fade was similar to others of her kind upon death.

* indicates member of the Lady Killian's sects.

Further Notes:
It is believed that her violently adverse reaction to the 'dark barrier' is likely a result of some sort of mixture of unnatural magics made specifically to protect from any sort of fae-magic. The hybridized goblin's were guarding the area, so it seems likely the barrier was specifically to keep them out, thus any fae would find it particularly toxic, especially one of such purity as Djurdja.

Penned by my hand on the 36th of Dzanin, in the year 42.