Things Change, Keshians Do Not

Date: 3/12/2013 at 9:50
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Things Change, Keshians Do Not

In the early morning darkness, the woman tried to keep her breath from coming in loud rasps as she rushed the last few hills towards the city. Keeping silent and to the shadows was her only defense against the creature she almost encountered.

Pale limbs slashed with dark marks. Dark tangles of hair. But it was the face, or what might have once been one that truly terrified her. The woman shook her head roughly to dislodge even the idea of the image and tripped over a rut in the road. Cursing beneath her breath, she lifted her head and breathed a sigh of relief as the great gates before Sar-sargoth pierce the morning fog.

Swept quickly away from the guards and into the Citadel with Malapardis' large hand upon her back, the woman blinked at the dark stone and massive chamber, so starkly different than her quiet village life. "I...I am unsure what I saw, just... she... or maybe it... it was disturbing and I thought to tell you," she'd stammered, her lofty brows knitting together as she realizes the quiver to her voice and her uncertainty were not portraying her to the best of her upbringing. Moredhel women of her village would laugh at her for acting like such a timid rabbit of a woman.

"I think perhaps I may know something of this... it is a bit like something I saw with Morielen..." the man before her mused. She was fairly sure his name was Raune, but then again, at the moment she was only really sure that she was unsuited to such matters and far more suited to being home with her kin. As they, along with a quiet woman named Aurora sorted out the strange sight she tried desperately to remember with more accuracy, the woman continued to wish herself home.

Shattering the slight blanket of calm that she'd managed to curl around herself with thoughts of home, a voice pulled her away. "Show us where you saw her?" Malapardis asked, finally interrupting the other man's theorizing. A few moments later, she was swept out of the city and onto the road again, this time beneath the bright, distant light of the sun.

And in the light, the creature was even more terrifying to behold. The slashes upon her form weren't merely marks from wandering naked through the Isbandia Plains, they were some sort of red, throbbing rune seared into the poor girl's flesh! Her graying skin wasn't just from the icy morning air, it was smoke. Running like the veins beneath her skin, it coursed upwards, covering the constant shaking and thrashing of the poor girl's face, making her skin look like it had an agonized mask over it to cover the unnatural jerks and pulls of her face.

Though the girl could not do so for herself, the poor woman with her Sar-sargothian protectors screamed. And she kept screaming as the girl-creature slaughtered each of her companions.


Deep within the city walls, another woman heard t he screams but was entirely too focused on her own fury to hunt for the source of them. Fred flexed her powerful fingers, each thicker than a tree sapling and more than capable of wringing the slight neck of the missing Keshian she came to berate.

Berate to a troll is much like a normal person's concept of waging a holy war upon a beetle. There'd be much crunching, a fair bit of oozing, and when it was all said and done, very little left of the intended target.

"Where that thief, Yashar?!" Fred snarled, her expression almost matching that of a newly breathing and irate Malapardis.

"I told them he'd betray us!" the Moredhel hissed, finding nothing but agreement painted on the faces of those with him. Fred's own trollish face was darkly twisted in rage as she stormed over to grab at an abandoned ledger.

"Numbers wrong! He thief! Missing armor and weapons, goes far back! And now, gone!" But Malapardis hardly needed the woman to reiterate the obvious. Moredhel girls turned into abominations not unlike those seen in Skreech and Ylith? Missing supplies and gold? This was the final blow, the last shreds of wool finally yanked from the eyes of his people.

Kesh had betrayed them.

Settling the ceasefires with the Kingdom and Eledhel would hardly need a second thought. Putting Fred to work to settle their armies into working order, a simple command. But fighting back? Making Kesh pay for their betrayal? Igniting his people to remember they were so far above these piddling, stupid humans that they could laugh as they made the entire Empire of Kesh burn?

This... this might take a little more work on Malapardis' part. A little more work on all the Moredhel's parts. The might of Dragon and Raven, no sniveling empire could withstand such a force, it was just a matter of time until the world realized that.

Penned by my hand on the 23rd of Wochem, in the year 43.