Fort Dannis: Battle Atop A Mesa

Date: 4/14/2013 at 19:23
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Fort Dannis: Battle Atop A Mesa

The deep, resonant sound of a war horn pierced the frigid air surrounding the mesa, temporarily drowning out the sounds of the wounded and dying.

Baron Raelyr Matawa pulled the horn from his lips and nodded to his companions. As a veteran of the holy order of Triumph, he had been summoned by Nikalo, its priest, to travel to the ruins of a mesa-top fortification in the foothills of the Southern Grey Towers. At the whim of the War God, the opposing forces of the Kingdom and the Dark Brotherhood had been otherwise cut off from the outside world. A brutal battle had followed, as the Kingdom forces were slowly pushed up the treacherous path, to the ruins of the fort and likely death.

Only a last-minute effort by the emissaries of Tith-Onanka had reversed the flow of battle. As the beleaguered forces of the Kingdom fought a desperate action at the gates of the fort, Raelyr had led a small group behind enemy lines. Ambushing and slaying the Moredhel battlemaster had thrown the assaulting line into confusion, long enough for a sally to break the assault.

As Raelyr nodded to Renatta Di'Angelo and began to make his way to the captain of the Kingdom's forces, he reflected that the battle fought here would likely be but the first of many. After all, the fortification commanded an impressive view of a strategic pass through the Grey Towers....u00a0


With a primal roar, Roma raised the bloody battle standard in one fist, then forcefully drove it down, through the chest of the human captain dying at his feet. The soldier uttered a short, agonized gasp, then expired.

He and the Witch-King of Sar-Sargoth, Ridire, took in the scene of carnage as a sense of satisfaction swept over them. The host of the Brotherhood had been smaller than would have been ideal, but in the end it had made no difference. Led by champions of Sar-Sargoth, the small fortress had been overrun in short order.

Roma took a moment to take in the view from the summit of the old watchtower. The view of the Green Heart and the foothills of the Grey Towers was impressive. With control of this tower, the Dark Brotherhood would be well-positioned to influence events in the Green Heart, an area largely denied them since the Riftwar, years ago.

He had been sent by Tith-Onanka, the God of Conquest, to wreak bloody war on the enemies of his people, and he had succeeded. With a satisfied grunt, Roma twisted the standard in the corpse of the human captain, drawing forth a wet crack and a morbid spasming of the corpse's arms. Leaving the standard as a macabre warning to those who would think to take the tower from the hands of the Dark Brotherhood, he turned and lumbered away.u00a0


Ancalime inclined his head in the faintest of nods to Calin, Prince of Elvandar. "Our forces are victorious, my Prince."

A shadow of relief passed behind Calin's eyes as he took in the news. Word of combat in the Grey Towers had reached the scouts of Elvandar weeks ago, but only recently was the path to the mesa-top watchpost discovered. The Prince had been alarmed to learn of a host of the Dark Brotherhood entrenched in the fort, with scouts scouring the nearby Grey Towers.

The Eledhel had mounted their own assault and denied the Brotherhood the vantage point offered by the fortification, but the loss of life - especially so soon after the Keshians had been routed from the forests, and a time of relative peace seemed to be at hand - saddened him more than words could express.

The Dark Brotherhood had assaulted on several occasions since, but at least for the moment, the tower stood in the hands of the Eledhel. Even now, reflected Calin, Eledhel including Abijah and Aidan were likely overseeing the disposition of the Queen's forces in the aftermath of the most recent battle.

With a low sigh, Calin turned back to his charts. Soon, no doubt, the Dark Brotherhood would mount another attack, and the Eledhel would need to be ready.

Penned by my hand on the 32nd of Agaeis, in the year 44.