Date: 8/18/2010 at 1:10
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Ravensburg

Rolling thunder was heard through the hills east of Krondor as a mysterious cackling reverberated throughout the lands. An old, bent hag was soon spotted in the farmlands east of the city. At first, those she encountered were confused by her silence. The words of the adventurers seemed to fall on deaf ears as the old hag wandered about unsteadily, her face hidden by a deep hood.

As the citizens of Krondor began to greet the old woman, they elicited a series of confusing responses from the crone. Quickly determining her to be addled in the head, the intrepid adventurers did their best to decipher her words and appease her wishes. The first phrase sent the Krondorians searching for cutty grass, which they soon brought in abundance. With a cackle of glee, the hag prepared the grasses and tucked them away inside her robe.

All the while, the hag whispered of a sunlit vale surrounded by five peaks. The intrepid adventurers thought this another riddle they had to solve, but little did they know the hag referred to a location yet to be revealed. The next phrase seemed to perplex the group. While they were out searching, a group of Sar-Sargothians joined the fray and during the confusion the crone slipped away.

Appearing again in the Green Heart, the hag continued to utter her cryptic words. A group of Sar-Sargothians, led by Ashurmannus, quickly leapt to help her find the items she searched for. Despite numerous attacks by a group of Krondorians hoping to expunge the northerners from the forest, the Sar-Sargothians quickly brought a fox and a hare to the wizened hag.

Penned by my hand on the 5th of Kimia, in the year 8.