Beneath Armengar

Date: 9/15/2013 at 6:14
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Beneath Armengar

The archaeologist Hafel pored over the aged scrap of hide, piecing together the scrawled text. There was the word for 'earth', and there - that was the ancient edhel rune for 'vault'. His excitement growing, he pulled out a letter and started composing a letter to his dwarven colleague Braga. She would be very interested to hear about this.

That evening at the Drunken Dragon, a cowled figure noticed Hafel's unusual jubilation and decided to do a little investigation of its own. It had long sensed a latent power in Armengar, and perhaps there would be something in the archaeologist's notes that could lead it to the source. Perhaps this was something that could finally release its Mistress.

Some weeks later, Elawaren the wardweaver tossed and turned in her sleep as she suffered through nightmares of freezing cold and thick blood, strange chants and horrid rituals. When she awoke, she immediately began scrying for the source of the disturbance. One does not spend a lifetime strengthening the defenses of Elvandar without learning to look outside the forest for threats. Requesting aide from her fellow eledhel, she began assembling ward talismans from polar bear furs and pieces of natural timber, sending Genomin and Katinar north to place them in strategic points within the depths of the city.

Far to the north, a robed moredhel also sensed the new power, and followed it to the depths of Armengar. Perhaps another relic of the Dragon Lords could be recovered, another piece of the heritage that was the moredhel's birthright. Returning to Sar-Sargoth, he began to collect reagents for a ritual that would pierce the barriers of earth that barred his way. Despite his initial distrust, the Praetor Malapardis permitted the hunting expeditions for spider fangs and lynx furs, rapidly amassing a quantity sufficient for the ritual.

In Krondor, Braga the archaeologist was likewise soliciting donations, and many citizens of Krondor were happy to help. Having visited Armengar, she determined that blasting powder would be necessary to carve through the rubble. Fisherman Lykas proved adept at pinching sulfur from the fire elementals of the Semal Reach, while the magician Scathain, loathe to harm those creatures of flame, was still able to collect saltpeter from the gullets of wyverns. A party of seven Krondorians, led by the Archmage Gianna, travelled with Braga to the ruins of Armengar.

Battle was soon joined as the moredhel and humans discovered their enemies within the city. The eledhel, alerted by their wards, carefully scouted the situation, Genomin spying on their dark cousin's plans. However, the moredhel forces proved victorious. Badly injured and left for dead, Braga's actions went unnoticed as she placed her explosives, determined that the moredhel would pay for her life.

At last able to complete his ritual, Mirargul intoned the final words. As the rubble dissolved beneath the magical heat, Braga's explosives finally caught alight. The ensuing blast vaporized the ritualist, and it was only through the protective effects of the eledhel's wards that the others were spared their lives. Nevertheless, though the price had been high, the way had been made clear, and now all could proceed to explore the depths of the Mines of Armengar.

The chieftain of the kobolds frowned. Some weeks ago that strange kobold had come, claiming to be a prophet of some great Goddess, but preaching only lies and darkness. Many young kobolds had fallen sway to his influence, and now roamed the old vault, wielding weapons stolen from ancient caches. Now upworlders had broken into the mines and were roaming with impunity. Still, perhaps they would be willing to assist...

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Dzanin, in the year 50.