The Banapis Spirit

Date: 9/22/2013 at 0:30
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Banapis Spirit

Banapis, the time for all to celebrate a new year, the only time of year that race, social standing and enemy status is ignored whilst members of each of the great cities of Midkemia gathers to celebrate peacefully. The Banapis spirit has never shone so brightly then it has this year.

So to begin our story, it started many months back in Delmona within the Stone Mountains. A dwarven envoy of carts and mules set forward on a journey through the deepest and darkest tunnels underneath the Stone Mountains, set upon getting to Caldara to trade with them a new batch of ale.

A couple of months into their journey, and almost at its end, Darhgain and his band of dwarves ran into a Brak Nurr. The fight was furious and lasted many lengths of the tunnels they were traveling as the dwarves fought and dodged this infamously hardy beast. As they approached the end of the tunnel that connected Caldara with the Stone Mountains, a particularly violent battle brought the tunnel down around the dwarves, and rather than being caught inside with the Brak Nurr they fled into the luscious valley north of Caldara, leaving the collapsed tunnel behind them.

As they emerged from the tunnel, the sounds of celebration erupted from Caldara, just south of them, marking the beginning of Banapis. They all agreed that it would be best to set up camp and host their own celebration before heading back to Delmona, and in the Banapis spirit, invited all of Triagia to join them.

It is during this staging that it was clear the spirit of Banapis entered even the hardest of hearts. Many people from every walk of life came together and attempted to help these stranded dwarves get home, for not on any other day would you see the likes of Moredhel helping a dwarf, even the Witch-King himself, Tora arrived to help along with many other adventurers including a fellow dwarf named Tidri. In exchange for their help in finding enough explosives, fuses and binding, Darhgain offered everybody who helped a certificate of dwarven currency, advising them to return when Hargon, his cousin joins them at the end of their Banapis celebration.

Unfortunately, despite the preparations of many, the amount of explosives gathered was not enough to clear through the collapsed tunnel completely and after a failed attempt at blowing the tunnel clear, Darhgain announced that, even though the tunnel was not completely cleared, the rocks were now loose enough to be cleared by hand, offering even more of his currency to those who would come and help.

Darhgain returned to his dwellings within the make-shift camp and waited in hope for more help to arrive, and to hope that Hargon did indeed arrive soon and that he had enough of his wonderful wares to exchange with people for their currency, considering the amount he has now had to part with.

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Rodec, in the year 51.