The Dwarves Return - A Banapis Story

Date: 9/24/2013 at 3:26
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Dwarves Return - A Banapis Story

Hargon muttered to himself as he waddled, pack full of wares, up the Gray Mountains. He was almost at his destination, but still he knew he was already several weeks late and that he would be lucky to catch Darhgain before he had completed his trade in Caldara and returned to Delmona. Despite this, and true to the fact Hargon was getting on in his years (even for a dwarf), he had made many stops to visit people on his way to Caldara and so, exhausted, he hitched up his pack and sat down for a rest.

Meanwhile, back in the camp set up just north of Caldara, Darhgain had already ordered his team of dwarves to start packing up. Thanks to the help of many prominent Midkemian citizens, the tunnel that blocked their return home was almost cleared. Darhgain was indeed happy, and somewhat relieved to be leaving, though he willed Hargon to arrive soon having promised so many people that the certificates of currency he handed out were worth the help they gave. Several people had begun to gather and he worried he would have an angry mob on hand, being led mainly by a rather testy elf named Marluna, if Hargon didn't arrive soon.

However, Darhgain had to crack on packing up and getting his dwarves home, so he headed off to the collapsed tunnel to oversee the final stones being removed. This was an extremely delicate procedure, removing the wrong stone first could send the tunnel collapsing again. The Baroness of Krondor Azlee, the human Tatsuma, and the elf Marluna had come to wave the dwarves off and stood at the cave entrance wearily as the dwarves tentatively removed the final rocks.

Azlee sought safety behind Tatsuma as the cave began to shudder around them, seemingly beginning to collapse again. Darhgain cursed, "No! This cannot be! Back everybody, back!" He cried, for his worst fears were realized. Through his dwarven ability to see better than most races in the dark, he had looked ahead and seen what he had dreaded. The tunnel hadn't collapsed again, but the Brak Nurr they had fought on the way here, the very beast that had caused the original cave-in, was still here. He called all of his dwarves to arms, and liking a good battle, many humans and elves alike came to the dwarves aid. Many of Midkemia's famous heroes arrived including the likes of the moredhel elf, Agravain and in an unbelievably quick fashion, the unlikely group of allies had slain the beast, with the human Tatsuma getting the killing blow.

The battle had rocked the already unstable tunnel, leading it to begin collapsing again. Darhgain, as much as he had enjoyed his time at this side of the Stone Mountains with the many new allies he had met, decided he must get through the tunnel before it collapsed again completely, and ordered his band of dwarves forward, shouting last minute thanks and farewells to the heroes behind him. As Darhgain and his team made it through the tunnel to safety, he turned back and gazed at the blockage, wondering if he ever would meet such wonderful people again, and hoping, with a grin on his face, that Hargon did indeed arrive soon, as he wasn't sure the old dwarf would be able to withstand the wrath of Marluna.

Meanwhile, having had arrived at Caldara, Hargon carried on his journey at a steady pace until he heard the shouts of battle from the north. With a determined step, Hargon hurried onwards to the campsite. Unfortunately, by the time he had arrived, Darhgain was long gone, but the group of heroes remained, and true to the dwarf leaders word, Hargon was eager to trade the certificates of currency for a variety of wares with them.

And still he stands, with his pack full of wares for anybody who wishes to trade the currency with him, where he will remain until the 12th day of Natinica, for any longer and his journey through the mountains to the north will be impossible as winter arrives.

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Staphron, in the year 51.