A Vampire's End

Date: 10/27/2013 at 4:57
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: A Vampire's End

As the last tendrils of life drained from the woman's body, the creature lifted its head from her husk, craned its neck to gaze skyward, and let out a low sigh. The woman had been young, strong, and all too trusting.

The body hit the floor with a heavy thud. The vampire reflected that he would be able to forego feeding for several days at least, if necessary. But then, what was there beyond the hunt? There was no other pleasure, no other purpose. The night was young, and it would be easy enough to travel back to --

"Now, now, aren't you greedy." A raspy voice snapped the vampire's attention back to its surroundings. It knew immediately it faced no ordinary mortal; no one could have come so close without announcing his presence. The vampire swiveled and assessed his foe -- for what else could he be? -- and took quick note of the man's bent posture, walking cane, and mutilated features. Feeble, if not for the man's eyes: dark pools that radiated power and malice.

The silence stretched for only a few seconds, but to the vampire it felt like hours. Belatedly realizing that its foe had known that combat was inevitable (he had not spoken further, after all), the vampire resolved to act. With preternatural speed, it moved to dart around the cloaked figure.

A murmured word from the cloaked figure caused the blood inside the vampire to lance its host with burning pain. Distracted, the vampire's speed wavered, and a beam of energy from the man's hand barely missed it. The spears of energy came in rapid succession, lighting the night sky above the Teeth of the World as during a lightning storm. The third and fourth struck the vampire. As consciousness fled, the creature was dimly aware of a low, raspy chuckle as the cloaked man slowly hobbled over to its body.


The creature dangled by its feet, arms bound. The cavern was large and sparsely decorated: a small desk and a rack laden with tools of torture were the only bits of civilization visible to it.

"As I was saying," rasped his captor, "you're a greedy one, even for a vampire. Nearly mindless with the lust, I'd say." The man leaned forward -- close enough for the vampire to bite, had he the strength -- and twisted his burnt and scarred face into a hideous smile. "Were I of lesser faith, I might thank you. You've inspired great piety." The man leaned away and raised a wicked-looking dagger into the vampire's field of view. "But the rage of your victims flows through me, much as their blood flows through you, creature of the night. We have work to do."


Ridire leaned forward to inspect the vampire. The creature had clearly been tortured; it was nearly drained of blood, and one of its sharpened eyeteeth had been ripped from its skull. The cloaked man who had been present when Ridire entered had smiled enigmatically before simply vanishing.

Ridire, Tora, Dilzaci, and several other Moredhel had come to investigate the odd energy beams rising from the Teeth, which had been visible as far as Sar-Sargoth. The vampire whimpered softly, then began to plead for drink.

Ridire considered for a moment, then began to unshackle the vampire. It was too weak to offer any real resistance, and the situation demanded answers...


The cloaked figure broke off from his conversation with the girl -- a colleague, more than anything -- and closed his eyes, focusing. Yes, the wards had fired, and the vampire, as well as whoever had chosen to feed him, were now little more than charred husks. A poor decision, the man reflected. But then, no doubt a bound vampire had been a tempting target. Perhaps it had said or done something worthwhile between being fed and being incinerated.

The undead had been causing more trouble than usual. The man idly wondered what would come of the heightened activity, then refocused on his surroundings. There was always so much to do...

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Nuna, in the year 52.