A Demonic Incursion

Date: 11/28/2013 at 3:32
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: A Demonic Incursion

Grangile turned and snarled at the demon that had encroached upon its space. As its tail snapped menacingly over its head, the encroaching demon lowered its eyes and took a step away from the demon lord. Grangile turned back to the matter at hand, its supremacy once more unquestioned.

Some fool was attempting to open a gate between the demon realm and the world of Midkemia, that land that was so rich with life. Unlike most gates opened into this area, however, the gate currently taking shape was clearly the work of an amateur. Grangile calculated that a surge of demons as the gate opened would startle the mortal maintaining the gate, and allow the wards to be broken.

Grangile bunched its muscles and snapped its tail impatiently, as squabbles broke out among the demon horde surrounding it. Most of its kind were little more than animals, and Grangile's intelligence had come only slowly, as it had killed and gained in power.

As the gate began to take shape, Grangile focused its attention on the swirling void. A swarm of imps would move through the rift first, but it intended to follow shortly thereafter.


As the horde began to pour through the gate, the tiny demon crouched out of the way. The big demon lord, Grangile, lumbered forward, its tail snapping and its wings folded. The little demon felt a surge of animalistic fear, but not in sufficient quantities to dissuade it from its plan. It had little to lose and much to gain.

As the demon lord vanished into the gate, the smaller demon scurried after it. It felt disoriented as it passed into the land called Midkemia; the energy here was vibrant, and the demon felt a giddy thrill begin to suffuse its body. Ahead, the large demon lord was engaged with two battle demons, who apparently had the same ambition as the smaller demon.

The demon sensed the gate close behind it, and instinctively turned to see a creature of this world casting a spell at the magical construct as a half dozen tiny imps swarmed over it, gnashing at his flesh.

Ignoring the rapidly fading screams of the creature, the demon turned back to observe one of the battle demons raking its claws across Grangile's chest. Unfazed, the lord snatched its foe up by its shoulder and jaw. With a single heave, it tore the head of the smaller battle demon from its body. As blood spurted from the demon's neck, the other demon darted in to attack the lord's flank. The demon lord let out a piercing howl as one of its wings was broken and bloodied in the attack.

While the balance of the demonic horde ignored the battle and instead dispersed into the land surrounding the gate, the little demon spotted its opportunity, burst forward, and, with reckless abandon, flung itself onto Grangile's back. The lord barely noticed it, so intent was it on its larger foe, and the small demon was able to clamber up to the lord's neck unopposed.

The small demon bared its fangs and bit into Grangile's neck, hard and deep. Immediately, it felt a surge of energy, as the life force of the lord began to transfer to the demon. Grangile howled in agony, and took another devastating strike from the remaining battle demon in return.

Grangile staggered forward, weakened by the dual attack, but a long life of such battles had given it a primal strength that would not be easily defeated. The lord delivered a brutal backhand to the battle demon, and as it reeled from the impact, Grangile disemboweled it with a swipe of its razor-sharp claws. The demon howled in agony and outrage as it crumpled and died.

The small demon was no longer quite so small, as the energy from the demon lord allowed it to rapidly grow, both physically and intellectually. As Grangile shifted its focus to the foe upon its back, the smaller demon realized at once that the lord was still powerful enough to destroy it. Rather than meet such an end, the demon released its grip, pushed away from the lord, and ran full bore into the surrounding trees. Behind it, the once-mighty demon lord howled in mindless rage, while around it, the demon horde spread out, snarling and howling in rapture as they drank in the richness of this land.


The demon paused and crouched low to the ground. Ahead if it was a lesser demon lord, engaged in combat with one of the creatures of this land. Magical and demonic energies flew, and the demon felt a twinge of concern as the demon lord fell to the arts of its foe. This demon had never before been to this land, but tales of the prowess of its warriors had not, apparently, been exaggerated.

As the demon scurried away undetected, the renowned Moredhel magician, Starra, closed her eyes as she used her talents to raise the banners of the North. A demonic incursion of this scale merited investigation, and other enemies of the People were already drawing near...


The demon instinctively recognized the garb of a scout. This human had been slain in battle, but the demon's heightened senses detected a large group of the creatures moving toward the now-defunct demon gate. Clearly, this scout, or another like him, had succeeded in alerting the warriors of this land.

The demon judged that it would be most likely to survive if it was far from here. Most of the horde had not strayed far, and would likely be crushed, eventually, by the champions of this land.

Yes. Better to be away, to master the power drawn from Grangile, to gain further in strength, and to only be revealed when its strength was unparalleled...

A moment after the demon vanished into the underbrush, the Pathfinder Cadet Shinji came into view, at the head of a group of warriors of the Kingdom. Demons had invaded the Kingdom, and he had work to do...

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Yamiev, in the year 53.