Semal Reach

Date: 5/16/2011 at 13:53
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Semal Reach

The earth shook and trembled as explosions and eruptions rattled the Teeth of the World, their effects felt as far away as the three cities of Krondor, Elvandar and Sar-Sargoth. Braving deadly avalanches throughout the entire mountain range, intrepid explorers gathered together to seek the cause of the chaos.

Slowly refugees began to emerge from the area, seeking safety in the towns of Harlech, Stone Mountain, even farther afield. One refugee was found on the road to Yabon by the Rogue Rayth, who guided him to the city. Along the way the refugee rambled about his home, Semal Reach, and its enigmatic magician protectors. Endlessly his ramblings questioned, how were we found, and how do the magicians have so much power? Are they the same magicians who are meant to be protecting or a different group? Soon they reached the safety of Yabon, where Rayth was implored to return to the Reach and protect the refugee's home.

While Rayth sought help for this task, the Moredhel Christoff was interrogating ducal border guards in the region about the disturbance. Learning the sword would not get the answer he wanted, Christoff convinced one guard to part with information by promising to not harm any humans for a day. Thinking he had made the bargain of his life, the guard relinquished his knowledge that the center of the disturbance lay in the western Teeth of the World. But one does not make bargains with a Dark Brother: Christoff and his retinue slew the guard on the spot, before leaving to seek the source of the earth tremors.

Meanwhile, into the newly exposed Semal Reach snuck the deft Rogue Zylo, who had spent his time seeking, rather than talking. He was closely followed by a Pathfinder Scout, Vanko, who was adept at seeking out hidden places unnoticed, as all Pathfinders are. There they found one last refugee, who refused to leave home without an ancient family heirloom. As they spoke, Christoff arrived, followed by Fielan and Xerak; hastily Zylo and Vanko retreated further into the Reach, to see what treasures and trials lurked in the hidden jungle and swamp of Semal.

But questions remain. Who drove the villagers out of their home, who are the strange magicians who now inhabit the area, are they the same as those who kept the Semal Reach hidden all these years, and what was it that caused the earth across Triagia to enter such a state of upheaval? Only within the deep recesses of the Semal Reach may answers be found.

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Dzanin, in the year 16.