A Wedding in Shamata

Date: 2/27/2014 at 0:01
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: A Wedding in Shamata

Spying Allijah's personal maid scurry out of the tent, the mercenary Captain Ben Berrigan grinned to himself. Knowing his Princess would now be alone, he slipped through the open tent and stealthily sneaked behind her, wrapping his hands over his lover's eyes. Allijah stood still, though she knew exactly who he was, she played her part and kept deathly still, taking a long, nervous gulp.

Producing a set of silver chained manacles, Ben slid his hands slowly down her figure and snapped them roughly around her ankles. "Remember these?" He said with an amused growl as he worked his way back up her body and spun her around. Allijah took her time in turning around, her lashes lowered as she nodded quietly, "I very much do, they are almost the same as the ones you used when you captured me to spite my father, all those years ago." Rubbing one ankle next to the other, she murmured, "Took you much longer to capture my heart though didn't it?" With a grin she leaned in for a kiss, though before lips touched, an impatient cough interrupted the moment from behind the pair. Despite being small height, Lady Gertrude Berrigan filled the tent with her authority and the sheepish couple quickly took a step away from each other.

"I believe we are almost ready to proceed, thanks to help from those traveling through the fair." Nodding to Allijah, she spoke sternly, "You know we must do this as soon as possible, despite your father's death, he still has many loyal followers, most of which would stop at nothing to see this wedding not go ahead and my son dead. There is no time for these dalliances." Ushering Allijah's maid back inside the tent, the Lady Berrigan ordered the final preparations to the Princess's dress.

"Now Ben, once you've made security checks with your guards you should announce that we are ready to receive our guests, let's get this thing over with," Lady Gertrude hobbled out of the tent on her walking stick without waiting for an answer. The well-known mercenary Captain rolled his eyes, despite his success he still couldn't say no to an order from his own mother.

So, Ben did as his mother asked and announced the wedding would begin soon. With this, many guests began to arrive and congregate in the most grand of wedding pavilions. Guests from far and wide mingled together, those who were enemies on any other day, were brought together under one roof to witness a moment of unity and love.

Other couples who had wed before, including Tora and Starra, Varin and Rhiarinn, watched on in interest and mused at the difference between cultures and as the bride, Allijah, arrived, everybody removed their shoes and seated themselves upon provided cushions with respect to the Princess's Keshian traditions.

As a surprise to most, Ellaron, a young priest of Silban, stood confidently upon the wedding pavilion's stage, for mere days ago he had sought council from many of the guests who were in attendance over his many doubts about going ahead and performing the ceremony. All those who assisted him seemed to have done so with great success, for he began the proceedings without a flicker of doubt in his being.

Regardless of various distractions from a mischievous street boy Icchin outside the tent (who many would later contest was the one who filled the wedding pavillion with a fair number of uninvited guests), the wedding began smoothly and a tale of love was woven in front of the audience. Ben and Allijah, clearly besotted with each other, struggled with decorum as hands wandered and heated glances were exchanged, much to the embarrassment of guests Fianna and Velsenna. Following tradition, several rings were placed upon Allijah's finger, marking her as a taken woman. An audible 'Aww' escaped from the Azlee, as an emotional Ben addressed his wife to be, his vows a stuttered declaration of his love.

A momentary scuffle from outside heralded the entrance of an assassin, much as was feared by the couple. Before any action could be taken, an arrow flew across the room, aiming for the Princess, surely coming from an ally of her late father. Ben's years as a mercenary Captain served him well, and his quick reflexes spared Allijah from the deathly arrow. Before the arrow had even hit, Ben's guards made quick work of the assassin and killed her.

With Allijah out of harm's way, the arrow hits the priest, Ellaron, soundly in the chest killing him instantly, his young life given in the name of Silban as he bravely carried out his duties despite the danger. The couple, distraught, pleaded for help from the guests present for help with completing their ceremony, knowing every attempt at this would end in some kind of attempt at their lives.

To the couples luck, several guests were priests and the brave human Wil, priest of Guis-Wan stepped up and finishes the ceremony. Donning robes of Silban, he blessed the couple with a surprisingly delightful speech for one who follows the Red-Jawed Hunter. The couple finished proceedings with a walk around a shrine to Silban, to which they prayed for fertility.

The wedding complete, Ben and Allijah's story finally became a happy one, and the Banapis spirit shone through as enemies from all cities joined together and feasted in their name under one roof. As thanks to all who helped his beloved bride and who helped the wedding finally take place, without too many casualties, Ben had wedding favor chests sent to each city for a short amount of time, offering a gift to those who helped.

Penned by my hand on the 29th of Wochem, in the year 57.