Passage through Hell

Date: 3/4/2014 at 4:58
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Passage through Hell

At the entrance to the chamber, demons paced angrily. Those with tails snapped them angrily, and putrid saliva dripped from their maws. Among them were several succubi, exotic demonesses built to incite lust. They called to him in melodic, suggestive tones, though their words were far from pure.

Within, Kurcthus ignored them all, in equal measure as a show to enrage the demons further and because his work engrossed much of his attention. The wards he had deployed to ensure his privacy would hold for quite some time; the demons in this particular portion of the Fifth Circle of Hell were not a threat to one of his power.

A few murmured words called forth a torrent of arcane energy. Kurcthus directed it across his wards, ensuring that they would henceforth be largely hidden and protected from interference. One sensitive to demonic energy would no doubt sense something off about this chamber, but they would be hard pressed to cause the wards any harm. Most importantly, the demons of the region would be oblivious to their presence.

His work complete, Kurcthus straightened and adjusted his dark robes. With a final, contemptuous smirk at the succubi, he turned his attention to returning to Midkemia, where, ironically, the danger to his person was no doubt greater than in his present environment.


Kurcthus resisted the urge to lick his lips, and instead directed an insouciant smile to the Moredhel standing before him. The politics of the North were bloody more often than not, and he had taken it upon himself to have this meeting here, in the halls of Stardock, in an effort to forestall battle.

Gianna Lecavalier and Cross Lazariss, two of the leaders of this community of magicians, stood nearby. Kurcthus had just played his hand: he would assist these magicians in gaining entry to a portion of hell outside their usual range. Portals to hell usually clustered in a narrow, isolated region of hell, but that trend had been broken some months prior.

A massive Demon Lord that had rampaged across Midkemia had finally been cornered and confined. As the demon approached death, a novel portal to hell had been opened. It had been straightforward for Kurcthus to trace the remnants of that portal, even after it had closed, in order to direct a rift to it from a convenient location elsewhere in hell.

Kurcthus knew the dangers of the region; it was swarming with demons. Kurcthus did not doubt, however, that many of those hungry for knowledge, power, or both would be eager to learn what they could from it. If the fates smiled upon him, this play would earn him respect in Stardock and a clean slate in Sar-Sargoth -- at least for the time being.

For what must have been the hundredth time in recent weeks, Kurcthus began to silently swear to himself that he would stay out of politics. His musings were abruptly interrupted when the Moredhel across from Kurcthus broke her silence. Starra's mental communication with her Lord and lover, the Witch-King Tora, had evidently concluded. As she spoke, Kurcthus smiled. Things were proceeding as he had hoped...

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Agaeis, in the year 57.