A Series of Unlikely Gamble Cataclysms

Date: 3/17/2014 at 21:24
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: A Series of Unlikely Gamble Cataclysms

Watching Triagia fade away from sight, Omrug pondered his life's choices. The Ruthian dwarf had always seen himself as an inspired dancer, indomitable drinker, high-roller, goblin-cleaver, master lover and all-round modest, classy gentleman, yet it seemed his luck had turned at last, as he always knew it one day would. The renowned, redoubtable, mighty Omrug Firebeard had been laid low at last... by love.

It happened rather unexpectedly. One moment he had been drinking at the now notorious Shamatan wedding of Captain Ben 'The Beast' Berrigan and Princess Allijah Ah-Kabhan, saving the world (he felt) from assassins (even if he did not himself put an end to that one in particular), the next he had laid eyes upon the Eledhel called Anorwen, a Swordmistress of Elvandar. Like him, she was a wanderer with a warrior's heart, sent to serve as both security and a diplomatic agent, yet she left with one of her own kin, Naftali.

Seeing his turmoil, Xarcon, the Phoenix Captain, obliged to bring the dwarf to Elvandar as a guest, yet the object of Omrug's heart would have none of it. In a misguided attempt to assist him, Amara even composed a poem for him to recite, yet it seemed to have the opposite effect. Rather than reject him directly and risk spoiling their friendship, Anorwen attempted to save face by feigning a relationship with her Captain, only to witness Omrug fly into a jealous rage and slay the man who had brought him there. Quickly Omrug retreated as his former friend was resurrected, abashed and contrite with the realization of the depths of his madness.

He did not return until a year later, seeking to make amends as advised to him by the Eledhel Fianna. A company of elves including Vilnearo and Iwone met him mere away yards from the boundary wardens, still wary from their last encounter with him, yet cautiously willing to consider his sincere desire for reparation and help in winning the Swordmistress' heart. Soon Vasilisa arrived, and offered to craft him a set of elegant forest green robes of Murkistad's design, in order to help him look more respectable.

Elsewhere Enric sat twiddling his thumbs. For years the retired thief had been planning a heist of Zun's high-stakes Pokiir games, and yet the opportunity had not presented itself until recently. How could it have all gone so very wrong, he pondered? Perhaps with the notorious Omrug Firebeard himself. Perhaps with those nosey Stardock Academy Councilors, chief among them Gianna, for all the meager coin he managed to extort out of her. Or perhaps even with that strange, accursed Keshian dancer so many claimed to have seen, though he himself could not. In the back of his mind, he regretted not being better at enlisting the help of the so-called squirrel Nadia, his former student.

For all his efforts, Omrug could not sway Anorwen's heart after his crimes against her captain, and perhaps this is what broke him at last to not only agree to Enric's plan and assist in the theft of a large pot of gold from Zun, but to then turn against Enric as well. While Jake, Matt, Luke and Sam seethed, yelled and demanded the dwarf's head, Enric hid away from the growing suspicion surrounding him. Holem was quick to assist in alerting the gamblers that there was, in fact, a thief's bolthole leading from a room upstairs to the gates, explaining how both culprits managed to escape so easily, and how one of them seemed to also appear out of nowhere.

Further mischief seemed to be afoot, as became clear to many hearing an unearthly laughter on the wind as an unexplained downpour of rain began to fall upon the sunny Far Coast. Compelled to chase the rare appearance of a rainbow across the region, many adventurers were able to track down the dwarf to the temple of Ruthia, Lady of Luck, where the strange weather seemed to lead them. Grin was the first to arrive, and seeing something of himself in the drunken dwarf, was able to persuade him not to throw his life away. At last the dwarf expressed a desire to flee and leave Triagia behind to start life anew, and was swiftly lead away by Cross to the docks of Port Natal. Now fully embracing his fate and desiring none of the stolen coin, Omrug Firebeard found himself smiling to himself for the first time in a long time, feeling the winds of change in his rather drastically cut red hair as he prepared to put himself at his Goddess' mercy once more, along with all the ups and downs of a life lead by Luck. Taking another swig of the never-ending bottle of whiskey gifted to him by his trusty booze-friend Majurad, he gazed upon the horizon and turned away - but not before shouting the location of the loot, hoarded within the temple's food larder.

Aezu was the first to find the pot of gold and many quickly followed to grab what they could. Some were not so lucky, being slain in the temple's many strange passageways, yet a mysterious force seemed to reward each of these for daring to play the game, and they soon found themselves before their prize. Not all were perfectly comfortable with reaping a stolen reward, however, and Selene, priestess of Sung, took it upon herself to return what coin she could to Zun with great dignity, pulling her friend Shista in tow. Holem cried out to the Gods, beseeching Ruthia to deliver the gold back to its rightful owners. But Luck is a capricious, impartial judge, caring only for chance - not for justice. Revealing Herself before mortalkind for the first time in many a year, Ruthia decided to toy with those gathered, compelling them to roll Her dice for a chance to decide on an organization where the gold ought to go to. After three rounds against exasperated participates from across numerous Kingdoms, Cross won his luck, and beseeched that the gold be granted to the Stardock Academy.

What may happen next remains to be seen: Enric hides warily within the walls of Carse, the gamblers of Zun continue to brood, and Anorwen, Omrug's scornful love, was last seen riding with all haste upon her elf-steed to the docks of Port Natal, deeply distraught and wracked with regret, all but too late to change her and her true heart's fate. All that seems certain is that the Dancer Through Men's Hearts' fickle interest seems reignited in mortal affairs, bearing both blessing and misfortune to all those bold enough to take their chances.

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Staphron, in the year 58.