Mystery in the Cosmos, Part II

Date: 7/16/2011 at 3:21
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Mystery in the Cosmos, Part II

Recent days have found three towers springing forth in Triagia's wilderness, under the guidance of visiting astrologers, and with the hard work of citizens from Krondor, Sar-Sargoth, and Elvandar. Now, rising toward the sky, one can find a tower of iron in the Ithilian Defile, a stone tower in the Calastius Mountains, and a living edifice more akin to a great tree in the Grey Towers.

From these towers, the astrologers had previously explained, the mysterious energies that had been loosed in the skies could be harnessed and shaped for the benefit of the city that assisted in the tower's construction. And so, as the towers reached completion, each astrologer climbed to the top and asked for seclusion in their final preparations. Each tower was vacated by the obliging adventurers, but suspicions began to rise as the towers were immediately sealed, locking the astrologers in... and everyone else out.

Great beams of light shot forth into the heavens from the three towers, perplexing onlookers, for this was certainly not what they expected. The skies roiled and raged, and the weather began to turn unpredictably and swiftly. By day, the moons gradually began to fill the sky, each growing larger as the natural catastrophes increased. Flooding began to ravage the ports upon the Bitter Sea, and landslides wrought havoc in the Teeth of the World. Soon blizzards and snowstorms struck Sar-Sargoth, followed by intense heat waves. A ghostly fog began to roll into Elvandar, slowly shrivelling the plant life and chilling the trees. In Krondor, panic ensued as the city was struck by devastating earthquakes.

Krondor was promptly evacuated; elsewhere the Moredhel of Sar-Sargoth lamented the power that now seemed beyond their grasp. Eventually the devastation subsided. Sar-Sargoth's blizzards relented and the world was returned to color once more, but the very landscape of Krondor was quite altered by the earthquakes. But not all is well... deadly fog still plagues Elvandar, and periodic flooding continues through the Free Cities.

Perhaps this is all a result of harnessing the skies, as the astrologers promised, with no cause for alarm... or perhaps some greater trickery is afoot?

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Natinica, in the year 19.