Mystery in the Cosmos, Part III

Date: 7/18/2011 at 19:27
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Mystery in the Cosmos, Part III

Magic streamed into the heavens from the arms of a hooded figure, whose face was a mask of ecstasy as she felt the world breaking around her.

"None will stop us!" hissed the figure, secure in her disguise, as the wind swept madly across the upper landing of the tower.


It seemed like only a few days since the hooded trio had gathered in darkness to hatch their plan. Together they summoned great illusions to plague the sky with ill omens and chaotic storms, daring to mimic the rumble of an earthquake and the rising of the waters in the Bitter Sea. Though little actual change was wrought, the magics slowly accomplished the task of instilling fear and wariness into the people of Triagia.

To the three cities of Krondor, Elvandar, and Sar-Sargoth they hastened, offering counsel to the confused masses and promising solutions... power... whatever was necessary to gain the trust of those heretic.

It was easy to convince the cities to build the towers, and soon they were all out hunting for prime locations. With Elvandar's assistance the Eledhel Silvost Elenvaire claimed a location within the Grey Towers, planting a seedling that took root and began to form a massive tree. In the Ithilian Defile, the Moredhel Agravain laid in place the foundation for a tower of iron and granite. Further south, it was the Tsurani Olbiad who located the site for a third tower of stone.

Barely containing their smug superiority, the astrologers instructed their unsuspecting allies in the construction of the three towers; when at last the towers were complete, they sealed the edifices and began the final rituals.

Amplifying their dark skills through the enchanted orreries each had placed atop a tower, the astrologers began to direct baleful magic toward the three luminous sisters of the star-filled sky, gradually shifting the course of their nightly journey. Helpless, the world watched as a new threat loomed overhead, and the prospect of the moons crashing together neared reality...


But the villains underestimated the power they were unleashing. As earthquakes shook the ground, the foundations of the three towers grew unsteady and the doors - secured with the most powerful of spells - succumbed to the physical weakness around them and flew open.

Jumping at the opportunity, human and elf alike stormed into the towers, seeking answers from the astrologers they had so recently trusted. There they faced lightning and balls of fire by mages who had appeared to guard the tower... but no sign of the astrologers. Some began to hack and slash at the orreries that remained, trying in vain to destroy the artifacts.

As night darkened the skies once more, the astrologers could no longer resist temptation and returned to the towers to taunt their foes with the plans they had set in motion. But they found no disheartened victims to lord over; they were instead met by vengeful blades and powerful magics. As the astrologer in Moredhel form grasped at the final threads of life, her shape begins to blur and shift, melting away to reveal a strangely serpentine figure covered in scales.

"Pantathian!" gasped an onlooker, and the true depth of the deception began to sink in. The nearby orrery began to spin wildly out of control, and the citizens of Sar-Sargoth fell upon it, tearing it to pieces that scattered from the tower.

The scene repeated itself in the other two towers: the other two astrologers were revealed in death to be Pantathian priests. The orreries were destroyed, interrupting the calamitous rituals, and at last the unsettling effects upon the world reached a lull. The crisis was averted, but the power unleashed by the Pantathians - still considered by most to be fictitious creatures of nightmare and children's tales - left behind many an unsettled heart.

As for the towers, tranquility now reigns within; the orreries lie inert. Rumors have begun to spread, however, that the artifacts may still be reassembled, though with far less catastrophic effect...

Penned by my hand on the 12th of Wochem, in the year 19.