Prone/Restraint Changes, Misc. Updates

Date: 7/31/2012 at 19:44
From: Ishap, the Matrix
To : Everyone
Subj: Prone/Restraint Changes, Misc. Updates

- The auto-stand feature of using balance has been removed.

- It is no longer possible to move while you have two broken legs.

- The prone check when you finish a skill telegraph has been removed in the case of almost all combat skills. (Skills like Rift, Decapitate, etc. still check it.) This means you cannot start an attack while prone, but you can finish one if you are knocked prone during the telegraph.

- Dementia no longer blocks Psionics.

- Confusion no longer blocks Psionics, but does increase the time it takes for psi balance to return.

- When taking a coach to a player city, the ride is now much, much shorter. The length of the ride to NPC villages and other stops remains unchanged.

- Fighting Douse can now only be used from the ground, and clears all shrouds upon use.

Penned by my hand on the 36th of Wochem, in the year 34.