Troops, War Forts and Rations Quests Updates

Date: 1/31/2013 at 8:38
From: Killian, Goddess of the Seas
To : Everyone
Subj: Troops, War Forts and Rations Quests Updates

- added HELP TROOPS scroll to detail the commands for troops and war forts

- Troops can now be moved up/down/in/out.

- Troops are once more invincible except to other troops and are a little more vehement in their retaliation-attacks against players who get uppity.

- Troops now respect forts.

- Troops now respect when there is an icewall or doors.

- Troops show their commander's name.

- Troops will now properly start building a fort when their survey is done.

- Forts will now show their nationality when they are closely examined and in their flags.

- Fixed the bug with forts appearing and looking already burnt down.

- Troops must now clear all enemy troops in a room before they can burn down a fort.

- Troops will no longer follow the commands of deepshrouded or graced players.

- Elvandar's troop combat messages now appropriately are green.

- Elvandar's troops have been temporarily given an increase in the needed supplies and gold to build a new troop due to their shifting alliances.

- Every city's rations quest has been updated to allow players up to level 60 to complete them.

Thanks everyone for pointing out any bugs and ideas, we appreciate how excited you all are and hope you continue to have fun!

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Yamiev, in the year 41.