Bug Fixes

Date: 2/14/2013 at 5:44
From: Ishap, the Matrix
To : Everyone
Subj: Bug Fixes

- A bug preventing birthday emails for players with birthdays on days 1-9 of the month being sent out is fixed. There is also a login message if you log in on your birthday.

- You can no longer create inferno effects under divine grace.

- A bug allowing scrapping tempered weapons to return comms with higher quality than they originally had has been fixed.

- You can no longer create Order (or other org) folders with non-alphabetical characters, which would have prevented accessing the folder. If your org has existing folders that need to be removed, please bug it (please check first: some have already been fixed).

- Nighthawks' Suppression skill can be utilized outside of a disguise.

- You can no longer, in rare cases, Expose deepshrouded Rogues.

- Stillwater no longer cases drowning on the Rooftops.

- You will no longer see custom emotes from players that you have snubbed, and you may no longer target characaters that you have snubbed or that have snubbed you in custom emotes.

- Shadoweaving Masquerade is now respected in the Hallowed Seal messages.

- Nighthawks can now train and check the status ofA Disciples properly.

- Arcana Cripple now lasts 10 seconds, instead of only until the first attack, as the AB has always indicated.

- Righteousness Crusades are cleared after duels.

- When scrapping a weapon, weapon speed and damage are no longer swapped on the created comm(s).

- You can no longer place items on furniture while selfish.

- Coins can no longer be placed on furniture.

- Divine Command can no longer be cured with Focus Mind (it is no longer classified as a mental affliction), and must be rejected as the AB file indicates.

- Whistling for your mounts will call even those mounts that are being ridden to you, bucking the rider.

- You can now order ridden mounts to escape, bucking the rider.

- Shadoweaving's Scarab Curse now applies its afflictions through the proper routines, triggering afflines.

- Performance's Allegro now can't be sung under Divine Grace.

- Nighthawk Writs requiring Last Rites can no longer be undertaken by non-Masters, as intended, if they were cleverly able to find the writ number.

- The secondary Hall of Worlds room is now also peaced.

- Gatekeepers of the Cities now respect Shadoweaving Masquerades when checking for city enemies infiltrating the city.

- Lowering your Masquerade now afflicts all vulnerable enemies in the room with terror, as the AB file indicated it should. This bypasses the shield defense.

- Bleeding out during a duel now ends the duel if the bleeding was self-inflicted (e.g., by Hematurgists).

- Arcana's Arcane Power now requires being at full magic to cast, as the AB file indicated.

- Items with multile artifact powers invested now show when probed.

- Scanning and Superscanning now respect hidden exits.

- Divine Grace granted after a duel now lasts longer, so there's no chance of it fading immediately due to a poorly-timed tic.

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Wochem, in the year 42.