Bug Fixes

Date: 2/14/2013 at 23:34
From: Ishap, the Matrix
To : Everyone
Subj: Bug Fixes

- A bug affecting the effects of adrenaline on telegraph/balance costs for skills has been fixed. Previously, the bonuses for high adrenaline were not being calculated properly (you got slower the more adrenaline you had), and the bonuses for low adrenaline were not being properly gradated. Notably, this had the effect of creating a major speed change right above/below 50%.

- Entering, leaving and re-entering a room with an aggressive mob should no longer cause it to take longer to attack than it normally would.

- Players can now construct temples with essence properly, even if they have a small amount of essence.

- Shrouded/Hidden players can no longer follow into rooms with lightballs.

- Singularity pulse pull messages will no longer be given out on failed pull attempts.

- Shadoweaving's shadowcloak defense now appears in DEF, but only for the shadoweaver.

- Vampires can no longer use certain vampiric abilities when their blood is too low.

- Using 'Memorize' to record new Rift locations no longer uses endurance if there is no other input.

- Taking a masqueraded Shadoweaver hostage now drops the masquerade.

- Warning someone you have taken hostage now gives a message if that person is not trying to writhe free.

- Players can no longer read orghelp files in folders they cannot access if they know the help file name.

- Thanatology Ghostwalk will now work again.

- Poisons will no longer be filled into vials frozen (for real this time!).

- Certain plurals in targeted emotes ending in 'ies' should work properly, notably 'pies'.

- Warpslice must now be used from the proper elevation of the warp, and spawned wyrms will also only spawn at that elevation.

- A bug reducing the costs of mending in Tailoring too far has been fixed.

- Entering or exiting an estate now checks movement failures properly.

- You can no longer cast Icewalls or Stillwater while under divine grace.

- Pokiir Quit should now account for the ante of players when disbanding a game.

- Decaying quivers should now return the proper number of bolts/arrows

- You can no longer cast Arcana's Distortion Field while under divine grace.

- You can no longer move about while crafting.

- Transversing a doorway into the Hall of Worlds will only consume endurance when you have a proper doorway to trasverse.

- Editing the crafting option "fastens" will now display properly on the craft.

- Reflections from the Wand of Reflections artifact now display the proper number of reflections on the player's room description.

- Players with "seemyillusions" configured off will no longer see their own Shadoweaving Phantasms.

- Alchemy's Immunity will no longer randomly be cleared.

- You can no longer squint through shadow passages.

- Shadoweaving Night's Horror now consumes shadows from the room properly.

- Warcraft's Shield of the Weak will no longer intercept Backstab attempts.

- Backstab now shatters shields.

- You can now open and close containers while prone.

- City Leaders can now support successors like any other Council member.

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Wochem, in the year 42.