Date: 4/10/2013 at 1:29
From: Ishap, the Matrix
To : Everyone
Subj: Berserking

Arms Berserking was not really doing what it advertised, so it's been changed. Here's what has happened:

Previously: It was just a flat damage bonus for the berserk Soldier.


- It is still a flat damage bonus for the Soldier.

- It also causes the Soldier to take more damage, but the increase is less than the damage bonus. It was always supposed to do this, but was not.

- It also allows grants the Soldier increased precision for the duration.

- It also causes the Soldier's enemies to have increased precision, but the increase is less than the Soldier's bonus.

- It now actually prevents fleeing or otherwise disengaging from combat.

- It no longer wears off after a minute. Instead, it only drops when the Soldier exits combat.

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Nuna, in the year 44.