Dual Wield - Removed!

Date: 8/7/2013 at 23:43
From: Ishap, the Matrix
To : Everyone
Subj: Dual Wield - Removed!

The Dual Wield skill in Arms has been removed. If you have followed along, then you know it was causing all kinds of problems related to combat and has been on the chopping block for some time.

In its place are several Arms changes:

- Arms Batter is back in an updated form, but as a skill only usable by blunt weapons. Its messages have changed, and so have it costs and requirements.

- There is a new skill in Arms: True Block, which is geared towards sword-and-board playstyles.

- Arms Shield Smash has had its costs adjusted, such that the telegraph is now shorter than the balance cost. The stun time and damage are no longer based on shield weight and the Soldier's strength, but instead the Soldier's strength and dexterity.

- Arms Impale's balance cost has been reduced to make it easier to follow-up with a Rend.

- Arms Rend now also inflicts vomiting, and no longer bizarrely inflicts the bleeding before checking whether or not the attack can actually execute properly.

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Wochem, in the year 49.