Various small changes and fixes!

Date: 3/23/2014 at 1:23
From: Astalon, the Lawbringer
To : Everyone
Subj: Various small changes and fixes!

Hey all!

I just wanted to give out the latest round of patchnotes!
- There have been a flurry of Nighthawk <redacted>
- Pets should no longer fall out of your inventory when you qq or die.
- The Nighthawk poison Tufuge has been fixed from the typo Turfuge.
- Removed the extraneous 'the' from decline messages related to organizations.
- Leaf in the Breeze's windup has had a typo fixed.
- Typo corrected in the learning messages for Vigilance.
- The MORE message for CRAFT LIST correctly now encourages you to use CRAFT LIST rather than DESIGN LIST
- The message when a novice is expelled by city guards should now properly show the name of the novice.
- Nausea will no longer be referred to as Naseau in certain affliction messages.
- The cooldown message "You may slip into a shroud of shadows once move." now says 'once more'.
- The completion message for Balestra has had a typo fixed.
- Fixed issues with canteens decaying in stockrooms.
- Fixed issues with Krakens not going away and occasionally showing up in numbers.
- Prices for Craft Design sumbissions and re-submissions have been lowered
-- In a related bit of news, Crafting policy is being amended so that after 4 rejections without significant improvement on a design, the offending design will no longer be evaluated. There's been too many issues with people resubmitting without going through and fixing all the errors mentioned, leading to a lot of unnecessary time spent continually re-evaluating designs.
- Immunization message changed to state 8 IG days (1 RL day) as per the AB, and not a month.
- Changed the word "due" to "hue" regarding Sunspear crystals.
- Added the target's name to the third-party line of censure.
- Added a period at the end of simple PUT commands.
- Added the name of the character moving in and out of boldholes. Previously this was just shown as 'you'.
- Changed "hisself" to "himself" in a prep line for Bard Performances
- Changed "Your" to "his/her" in when mixing paints.
- Changed "away" to "awake" in the line for exhaustion.
- Typo fix in the Escape Claws artifact.
- Changed the word "subtlety" to "subtly" in the Subtlety skill "Phantasm"
- Fixed a typo giving an incorrect pronoun in the Swordmastery skill NATURE IN BALANCE.
- Added capitalization to Fleche and Balestra kill lines.
- Fixed a typo in the Advanced Floristry skill.
- Fixed a typo giving an incorrect pronoun in the Shadoweaving skill Shadowlance.

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Wochem, in the year 58.