Silverthorn, baubles and more!

Date: 5/31/2014 at 14:45
From: Graff, the Weaver of Desire
To : Everyone
Subj: Silverthorn, baubles and more!

Hey all, a quilt of patchnotes for you:
- Silverthorn antidote can now be amalgamated with alchemy as intended.
- You can no longer envenom a weapon with antidote.
- Silverthorn poisoning now lasts 5 minutes (up from 2 minutes).
- Staying in a timewarp will cause silverthorn poisoning to last up to 10
minutes (system people: this changes the tick message).
- You can no longer overdrive while afflicted with silverthorn poisoning.
- Every time silverthorn ticks, you lose 15% of your health (was: 300 health).
- Fishing baubles can now be removed.
- Losing your bait to a fish, cutting your line, or having your line break will
destroy your bauble.
- If something decays inside something you are holding (eg: bait inside a
fishing rod, clothing inside a backpack), you will recieve the message of
"X has decayed in your possession."
- You can now SECT SPIRITRAIN, this has been broken for an absurdly long time.
- Pyromania Glow no longer affects people at different elevations (a priest on
the ground can't reveal a rogue on the rooftops).
- There is now a custom message for deaths due to crossbow fire.

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Rodec, in the year 61.