Storm's hunt

Date: 1/25/2012 at 3:39
From: Tahni Jade the Jade
To : Everyone
Subj: Storm's hunt

Hello you lot,

The order of Storm will be hosting a mortal version of a Great Hunt. Just as with the Divine ones, there will be prizes given to the top ranked hunters within categories based on the individual's worldly experience. To take part in Storm's hunt we do request that you register with us previous to the start - however it is not required, you are able to join in just by offering at Storm shrines while the hunt is ongoing. To register, please send a missive off to myself and I will mark you down.
The hunt will last from the ninth of Kimia, year twenty six, to the eighth of Staphron, year twenty six (Jan 28th 0:00 GMT - Feb 1st 0:00 GMT).

To make it a bit easier on you all, She has given permission for some shrine locations to be listed for you.
If you are hunting in Mac you would find the shrine in a modest bedroom easiest to locate (v3889).
In the Hadati Highlands there is a shrine on the island in the lake (v4702).
In the Thunderhell Steppes you will find Her shrine behind a dazzling waterfall, however you'll wish to be careful as further into the cave you'll find a number of large lynx (v5158).
In the Uru Gathering you'll pass a shrine if you are sliding down the mountain (v7676), and for those more likely to slip right past it we also have one in the Outpost of Eggerson on a wooden platform over water (4950).
And finally, beneath the Star Lake in the cavern of the elementals you'll be able to locate one of Her shrines (v9263).

The Lady would like it mentioned that she will give prizes to all who earn a modicum of essence and try their hardest to participate. She'd also like you to be able to tell the difference between what a Storm shrine and a Wilds shrine look like, following are brief descriptions:

Wilds -
The heady scent of crimson flowers and cups half-filled with wine mingle with the brine of salty ocean water as it swirls within a copper bowl placed at this shrine to Killian.

Storm -
The sound of ferocious waves crashing against a beaten shore storms from within a swirling bowl of salt water atop a shrine to Killian.

May Her storms pull your potential from your depths,

T. Jade

Penned by my hand on the 27th of Dzanin, in the year 26.