In search of the perfect wife... for Raelyr!

Date: 3/11/2012 at 23:39
From: Baroness Qeyrae Alizeti, the Topaz
To : Everyone
Subj: In search of the perfect wife... for Raelyr!

Dear Eligible Women of Triagia,

We the members of the Committee For Minding Other People's Business has had a situation brought to our attention that is in urgent need of rectification. Our dear friend and comrade Raelyr Matawa has been too long without a suitable woman as a life companion. He's starting to talk about marrying his sword, for Pete's sake! Therefore, we, being concerned friends and the founders of CFMOPB, have decided that we will do our best to help him find the perfect mate! Now this can not be just any woman, it must be one that will not try to change him (he is pigheaded, but you will have to be okay with that). The right woman will know their way around a battle field, be willing to not cling to him but instead stand back to back with him against what might appear to be insurmountable odds, and will be unswervingly loyal to him alone. All suitable female candidates are welcome to apply, regardless of race or religion.

If you think you fit the qualifications please send a letter or message to Qeyrae or Azlee. We will then set up a time and place to meet to tortu... ask you a few questions to see if you would be a good match to our dear friend Raelyr.

In complete helpfulness with regard to other people's business,

Qeyrae Alizeti
Azlee Iavas

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Dzanin, in the year 28.