Date: 4/20/2012 at 11:21
From: Mallaidh
To : Everyone
Subj: respect

Greetings Citizens

Here in Sar-sargoth we enjoy the most freedoms of any of the cities. We do not limit where you may visit or what organisation you may belong to, unlike other cities. We do not limit who you may speak to either, we do however frown on assisting enemies with hunting.

When Nomi was advised this by a Praetor she argued the point and was disfavored with the agreement of Praetor Lilah. When she then argued further and was asked by the Witch-Queen herself to cease and show a little respect to the Praetor, namely myself, she said respect had to be earned thus indicating she believes I have done nothing worthy. I was angry at that comment and punished her further.

I find it a damn cheek for a goblin who has been in the city around a year, a little over 200 days, and has been given so much coin and other gifts for nothing. to speak of earning worth. Maybe thats why she needs to hunt with enemies now, she has maybe run out of citizens to leech from? Oh yes, I agree, she has showed willingness and seems a capable member of a fighting team but I have fought in over 100 sieges before she even came to us so I think if that is the only way to show worth I have earned my stripe too.

So lets think, why else might I have gained one of the highest majorities ever seen in a Praetor election I wonder? It was certainly not because I talk like a child. It was because I am trusted by almost everyone and have worked tirelessly for the city for years. I have given away weapons to novices and even gave Nomi her first poison for free. I have maintained a shop for many, many years and written and maintained a countless numbers of essential of scrolls, I have helped to set up and maintain rulings and city structure. I have sought to settle disputes and guide citizens to the best of my ability. All this has no worth?

If the city sees no worth in what I do then I shall simply stop doing it for a while. I could use a nice rest. It crossed my mind to remove all traces of what I have done, if it is of such little worth, including welcome scrolls, commodity scrolls, scrolls on so many many basic essential things! BUT this would hurt the city and people that I love so I chose not to remove them. I do however urge you to think of the hours I slaved over a quill to make things as simple and helpful as possible to read each time you advise someone to read the welcome scroll or other in the city or the gathering.

I have however removed a couple of scrolls I wrote to make things extra easy for people, such as when I run round all the city shops comparing weapons and prices so the citizens don't have to do so. Oh and my shop is temporarily closed for repairs.

I have never asked people to bow to me like some Clan leaders do, I have never flaunted my title, nor gone round lording it over people. Nor even sought to exile any other but Roma. All I ask is that I am not talked down to and told I am worthless over the city ethers.


Penned by my hand on the 21st of Wochem, in the year 30.