Date: 6/29/2012 at 17:27
From: Ethon, Emerald Guardian
To : Everyone
Subj: Nonsense

To those unfortunates who have read Ugralitan's "news,"

Here we have yet another tirade from a misunderstood
vampire. No doubt, he is working his undead fingers to
the bone by teaching magic to no one on Stardock Isle.

I wonder, who can "vouch for the honor and goodness" of
your kind, Ugralitan?

At the hour of this writing, Port Natal, Harlech, Loriel,
Hush, and Caldara are in the hands of Sar-Sargoth. No doubt
eledhel and humans will be in the fight at these villages.
Perhaps Ugralitan's real complaint is that there is no way to
"free" the villages. Perhaps he should take that up with the
gods. Perhaps not. Perhaps Ugralitan knows of the history of
moredhel aggression in these lands. Perhaps not. Perhaps he
knows of the atrocities committed against our people, our city,
and our forest.

Oh, how I miss the days of his long rests. For once again
we must all bravely grit our teeth and face the braying of
this undead mule. No doubt he will go on and on, loving the
attention. For truly, I have never seen a vampire so sorrily


Ethon, Ambassador of Elvandar

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Staphron, in the year 33.