Date: 7/11/2012 at 1:35
From: Tahni Jade the Jade
To : Everyone
Subj: Marriage

People of Triagia, I write to you today to speak of the long and beautiful tradition of marriage, its sanctity and its various forms within the societies of these lands.

Until relatively recently, the secular institutions which are a part of all of our lives had no hand in marriage, each individual's cultural and religious leanings determined if a couple were wed or were not.
For the vast majority of humans, and those with similar ways, the most that was needed to have a couple wed was for them to live as spouses. Their union was accepted and recognized within the community from that time forward. Wedding ceremonies were held when a priest or priestess of Killian traveled through town, this being a greatly anticipated event that was met with celebratory, fair like enthusiasm. The killianite would enter the town or village along their regularly planned route and perform a mass ceremony, sanctifying the vows that the people's hearts and actions had already made true. Names would be entered into the order's records and the killianite would move on to the next area to tend to the spiritual needs of the following community.
In a handful of places, a priest or priestess of Killian would have an outpost of sorts, where they resided for a portion of the year when they were not traveling, and those who lived nearby had the option of visiting the small, nearby temple to request more personalized weddings. For those who had this availability, as well as those who lived in more heavily populated towns and cities where a more permanent representative of our Lady was in place, a choice of ceremonies was available, as well as pre-marriage counseling.
For political weddings, the priesthood of Astalon would serve a similar role, as they bore witness to all things of a more legal leaning.

In my journeys within these lands I have heard that the edhel hold different traditions. The tales that have reached me say that those of the forest exchange their vows in private, with only one witness and the whole of Elvandar holding a party afterwards. I've also heard that those of the mountain tribes have a rich and thoughtful way of going about things, where families interact over a period of years while the young couple are given time to grow to know one another. Following this, gifts are given by the groom to the bride's family members who are owed a debt of blood, and the two families are allied.

Time changes most things and it is the nature of existence that we grow and evolve as we pass through the years. Some things, however, remain true at their core regardless of how many millennia have gone by, or how far the distance from place to place. One of these immutable essentialities of all life, is Love. In this world, the essences of Love and Nature have combined to form the Divine being of Lady Killian and it is one of the sacred duties of our Lady's priesthood to continue to provide the ceremonies that recognize the joining of hearts, lives, and families.
There are many who are content to allow governments to hold records of who they are wed to, to attempt to leash and constrain the bonds that hearts make, saying that only those approved may be wed. For some, the records that are publicly made available are viewed as the official record and the belief has been wide spread of late that to be married one must have their joining listed there. This belief is erronious. Marriage is not a secular affair, nor shall it ever truly be so regardless of governments wishing records and control of their own. To those of you who have found love, and those who will do so in the future, we offer wedding ceremonies and the confidentiality which is a hallmark of priesthoods through many cultures. Your marriage can be listed with the secular records keepers if you wish it, but is not required to be in order to make it valid.

Tahni Jade
Priestess of our Lady Killian

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Agaeis, in the year 33.