Ruthia's Games

Date: 7/22/2012 at 7:51
From: Riftwalker Kando
To : Everyone
Subj: Ruthia's Games

Greetings Triagia!

As some of you may already know, a group of devout followers has started a Cult in honor of Lady Ruthia. Anyone is welcome within our midst, from any walk of life, so long as they bring the Dancer the respect She deserves. We are very happy and very honored to have been able to do this for the Lady of Luck, for we felt She was not receiving the appreciation She deserved for One who is ever present in our daily lives.

In honor of this event, we are starting RUTHIA'S GAMES. These will be a series of on-going events which will change every 7th week. They will be focused on the Lady's Playful side, so to speak, and include lotteries, tournaments, parties and the like.

Our first event will be a lottery. As this is the first Game we set up and because our Cult is just getting its bearings, you will understand if the event is a little humble in prizes, especially compared to those that will follow.

For the purpose of these Games, you can all read the scroll SOCIETYHELP GAMES, a scroll which will reflect the on-going event and which will always change to reflect relevant updates and news.

This lottery is a PROGRESSIVE PRIZE lottery, meaning that the 3 prizes that are awarded will increase in value each week as they represent a percent of all the tickets earned. So the more people buy, the bigger the prize pool. Every leftover coin will be used to fund future bigger and better events for everyone in Triagia to enjoy.

Tickets may, for now, be bought only from me and if I am not awake, you may send me a letter with the coin and your tickets will be registered. Strict records of purchases and participants will be kept so that nobody loses out on their investment.

Thank you all for your interest and participation!

Kando, humble servant of the Cult of Luck

Penned by my hand on the 15th of Kimia, in the year 34.