Date: 8/7/2012 at 10:51
From: Apprentice Kurios, Initiate of Stardock
To : Sheriff Nemi The Knife
Subj: Rumors

I'd like to address some rumors your office has been putting forth about me, as I have been hearing now that I "Betrayed" Krondor by conspiring with some enemy of Krondor. Now mostly I like to be left alone these days, but this feels like a serious infringement upon my honor. I'll keep the details out, mostly try to prevent this from causing too much strife, seeing as that would hinder my practical non-existence if people actually started to take note of me, and I do rather enjoy being left alone for the most part lately.

Firstly, I never was kicked out of Krondor. I left it willingly, and without being asked to. Mostly because I was done with the bull I was being given in the form of 3 2+ hour long inquisitions with various members of your office at the time. Then they enemied me out of spite. Fine, I'll live with that. They don't like me dodging their "just and noble edicts." Only it took three trials before I even had half a guilty verdict on the same case (Someone in the mockers really didnt like me... no names now though), and even that was just on suspicion and because a certain someone who really really wanted me to be guilty has me tried 3 times for said crime. So I got tired of being treated like less then dirt, and left the city. And I can understand that hurt their pride, so they enemied me to the city in return.

But now I hear that someone is accusing me of also conspiring agaist Krondor during that time. My question of course is, With Whom? Karui, a fellow citymate I was learning combat with at the time? Or perhaps a guildmate of mine, Hawke. Im sure our chatter is seriously treasonous. Flirting about planning the destruction of the city and whatnot. Or perhaps someone should go around smiting shrines to Lims-Kragma, because me telling one of them that I want someone dead is a serious treason, and I fully expect said shrine to do its bestest to collapse upon said person, ending them in an untimely, yet structural failure. Plus, we know that all them inanimate objects are conspiring against the crown.
So yah, long story short. If you'r gonna accuse me of conspiring the downfall of Krondor, please please please also tell me who I'm talking to, and how I?m going to do it? I like to be informed of my own evil doings and plots. Seeing as I was left TOTALLY out of the loop on this one. (Seeing as I have done soo much to Krondor at the moment. HA! It doesn?t exist for the most part for me! And who needed to spend my gold in such horrid shops anyways! )


PS: Don't really care about the enemy thing anywho. Why would I want to venture into such a crummy town anyways? For the Shopping? HA!

Penned by my hand on the 32nd of Agaeis, in the year 34.