Claims, Rebuttals, and Grin

Date: 8/10/2012 at 13:35
From: Forbidden Kabbalist Shea, Zealot of Guis-wan
To : Riftwalker Kando, Luck's Prophet
Subj: Claims, Rebuttals, and Grin

I have no care about his claims that you are a Nighthawk. I have no care of your insults to him - point in fact, Grin's vanity ensures they bounce off like water on cobblestones.

No, I don't care about those things, but I can't stay silent about the rest. Grin is a disease. The problem lies in that Grin is a disease and we all knew it - he hasn't changed in the years I've been gone, he is still the same pompous and self-absorbed bastard of a man he was when I departed Krondor years ago. You are letting a man who garners his own pleasure in causing frustration in others get to you. I expected more, brother.

I love you. I do, very much. I have listened to you tell me you worry for me, I've listened to you speak poorly of my Hunter, I have listened to you tell me you love me too and that my mental health concerns you even when I know it's foolish. You're my family, but I cannot accept what you're doing now.

You speak of torturing innocents. Yes. -I- have. Would you like to hear a secret, Kando? Grin's hands are clean of it. Is his mind? No, but what matters in this world is how much blood dirties your hands and look at mine. My skin may as well be stained red. Innocent, however, is in the eye of the beholder. Sandra was innocent, and you slaughtered her - and for what? Retribution? Vengeance? Are you suddenly a harbinger for Ka-hooli, seeking to right what you perceive as wrongs against us? Astalon, perhaps, seeking Justice for those who can't speak out against us?

Insult Grin. As I said, your words mean nothing to him. However, do not insult the rest of us by claiming you know our Lord better than we do. I have touched Him. I have been embraced by Him, I am the bleeding, beating heart of chaos and knowledge and as long as I remain here, none of this will go away. You assault the wrong person in trying to get rid of us.

That goes for all of you.

You think that because Grin is loved, that he is the Demiurge, that he is the one to focus your words on? No. Grin is loved, by word of Guis-wan Himself, but he is simply our head. I am the zealous daughter of the Hunter, and it's through women like me that we garner our inspiration and resolve. Do you plan to kill me too, Kando? Renatta? Macalla? Do you plan to come in, hands blazing with eldritch magic, and blast our bodies away from our heads? Do you really think that would work?

We are the Forbidden. We are part of Guis-wan. If you think you can disrupt our flow in the world, you're sadly mistaken, but I love you anyways for your determination. I simply ask you focus on things you can change.

With the entirety of my heart,
Shea Kessel
Cultist of Mists
Zealot of the Forbidden
Hunter Bound of Guis-wan
Your sister.

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Dzanin, in the year 34.