Your recent slanderous accusations

Date: 8/10/2012 at 13:49
From: Tahni Jade, the Jade
To : Demiurge of the Infinite, Grin Lazariss
Subj: Your recent slanderous accusations

Brother Dearest,

It saddens me that as with most members of your order, you've lost your mind so fully. Your delusions have been tolerated over the years as I tried in vain to find a way to bring you back to reality, however your recent spat of lying about me truly is intolerable.
I realize that your delusional mind believes the things you have spread around in your newspost and elsewhere. I try to be patient with you. However all of this, combined with your fantasy that I'm trying to remove your order from Krondor and your recent attacks upon citizens, does put a strain upon even -my- willingness to endure.
To set the record straight, I suggested that laws be put in place to handle situations such as your murdering a man who had the misfortune to be standing nearby when your madness took hold of you. I have not taken any steps to influence people to ban worship of Guis-wan, nor would I. While I feel that there is something seriously wrong within your order, I also feel that it is likely caused by your madness and how it influences and twists the minds of those who look to you for guidance. My litmus test for this is that those who are not willing to mindlessly fawn over you and follow your example are clear of the sickness that drives you.
Out of tender regard for you, when you came to me and requested that I help you pay your fine for said murder I agreed on the condition that you "not cause issues for Krondor and or her people, either through your god, your power, or any level of betrayal", specifically because I did not wish my kindness to bite me in the arse. Your response was to threaten that you would have your god come down upon Congress itself, and then to accuse me of things which I had not said or done in a way that made me picture you frothing at the mouth, and finally to close with " I will dream of a world where Krondor falls through a rift to the very bottom of the nine hells."

Of course now, you attack and rob a man multiple times who was minding his own business while fishing and wishes to lead a quiet merchant's life, on the flimsy excuse that he must have had me walking with him to spy upon you the other week. (If I were going to spy on you, I would not try doing it in the hall of worlds, where you would see me. Your ability to know I'm there ruins the chance to gain any worthwhile information, so spying in that place is pointless. I did however quite enjoy following the little liar you had with you after she suggested I were a rat and the two of you moved aside a short distance. I do so hope it unnerved her some.) Then, when he responds to your outlandish actions, you accuse him of being a member of a group of fanatics who murder people because their god said so (Sound familiar?). Has your illness gone so very far that you are projecting your own actions upon an innocent man? I can tell you with full certainty, from the time I first met him forward, that the only things Kando has been fanatical about are exploring and the fairer gender.

I worry for you Brother Dearest,

Your loving Sister

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Dzanin, in the year 34.