Notes to Stardock Academy

Date: 10/16/2012 at 6:43
From: Vagrant Lord Ugralitan Iavas, the Stump
To : Everyone
Subj: Notes to Stardock Academy

People of the Isle and those who are interested to read the post,

This is a time to learn about Stardock Academy and the justice exacted by their Councillors, case by case!

Christoff(now Councillor of Blue Riders)- Assault on Stardock, killing denizens for the Moredhel fun. Fined for: 5-10 gold.

Malapardis- Verbal assaults on people, murder, thievery, rape, planning coup and treachery against Stardock(failing miserably), inciting a couple Sargothian attacks on Stardock. Traitor.- 1 year suspension and Fined for: 10 gold.

Caes- Massacring as the Sheriff of Krondor along Raelyr Matawa(Current Baron of Krondor) which includes fairly old people like Mistress Elliandre and Apprentices Royce, Bekemba, Zaranah, Enchantress Rhaea and several others. Murdering Councillors during a diplomatical meeting. -Fined for 10 gold.

Raelyr- Obvious massacres and murdering in diplomatical meetings. Some Councillors had backbone to offer to unenemy him at 10-20 gold.

Firengaud- Killing Councillors during a diplomatical meeting, murdering -anyone- at will regardless of being in Academy or not(without consent and not for any arcane research we know of), solely stays in Stardock to use advantages of Helix on his Psionics capabilities. (Stayed in the Academy at will of corrupt First Weaver Karic, who has obvious dealings with House Lazariss)- Fined: There is no fine whatsoever.

Vanon- Raiding Stardock along the Krondorians, murdering civilians and innocent people. Fined for: 5-10 gold.

The cases goes by, so if I am right I should demand that Stardock Council should drop my fine from 99950 gold to 10 gold along 1 year suspension! (As in treachery case of Malapardis!) Though obviously murder, rape, assault to integrity of Council, scheming against Academy, thievery combined gets 10 gold fine while my action gets 99950. I would say by now I do not regret my action because the moral compass of Council is broken.

Stardock became a place where people only want to use Helix' power to expand their minds and capabilities, where people laugh and ignore when Neophytes, Apprentices, Magicians and Councillors are murdered by others since they do not like the person, where some Councillors protected the unjust and catered to rich and powerful, where people started to think they had a free hand to do anything outside of Academy. A place where morality is ignored and murders became a less offense then a thievery. A place of corruption and vacation, nothing more.

My vision of Stardock is a strong one, where people are unified, instead of bickering incessantly. Not aversive neutrality proposed by coward First Weaver and Enchanter, a neutrality which will make people shiver at the sight of our Magicians, respect in awe. But I realized this is not possible through bickering our lazy and corrupt Councillors. As a Hand can caress, a Hand sometimes should curl up into a fist and slam on the table. And draining of your sources was just the start of my object lesson, now is the time to group up and put donations to your Academy instead being a bottom feeder, expecting cheap credits. It is time to fish instead await fish. From the weakest to richest, all should contribute, so rich can elevate the poor, poor can elevate the poorest in their studies. Solidarity will be your salvation.

And if you fail to unify, I will pick all of you one by one, breach into you through the weaknesses, for a wall is as strong as its weakest brick. Then you will be destroyed for the good of evolution and replaced with a better Academy. I'd suggest start doing drills with your Magicians, Apprentices and Neophytes, from this day forward. And you will see I was not the first graduate of Stardock and her first High Hand by accident. I will educate you in Kelewan style.

Vagrant Lord

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Nuna, in the year 37.