Goblins and Trolls

Date: 11/14/2012 at 6:03
From: Adjunct Grudar of Stardock
To : Everyone
Subj: Goblins and Trolls

Greetings Triagia,
I am Grudar, Head Councilor of the Mountain Troll Tribal Council. The Council is formed from the many trollish tribes within the Northlands. It is for this reason I believe myself to speak for the Trolls of the North this day.

It seems that there has been a misconception of late about the relationship between the trolls and the mighty Moredhel. The truth is that it is quite possible neither goblins nor trolls would remain if it were not for the Moredhel.

It should be known to most that the Kingdom humans have a gross misunderstanding of the divinity of the hunt. For this reason, Kingdom humans are known for their ability to slaughter more game than can one can use and slaughter solely for sport. Among such creatures that humans enjoyed hunting was trolls.

We, the people of the mountain originally had little care for what lies beyond the Teeth, and yes, at times, clans of Moredhel would conflict with the trollish people, but these skirmishes were nowhere near to the degree of near ritual slaughter that painted the hands of humans. Thus, our war with the factions who we later discovered called themselves collectively "The Kingdom" began.

It was much closer to our time, however, that the Trolls and the Brotherhood of the Dark Path formed an alliance. During the time of invasion in Triagia now known as the Rift War, the Tsurani made their way into the Teeth of the World to collect resources for themselves. The aggressive nature of these individuals was much like the savagery of the Kingdom humans coupled with the greed of dwarves.

Truly, it was through the benevolence of the Moredhel that the Trolls were able to make an alliance of mutual interest, fighting off the invading tsurani. Through these battles the Northlands began to unite, eventually building enough power to push back not only the tsurani, but the humans who stole the lands from the Moredhel so many years before.

It is much to my people's misfortune that such efforts were thwarted at Sethanon, for many trolls perished. With them myth, legend, and culture were all but forgotten. When the trolls were scattered, torn and lost the Moredhel yet again showed benevolence. It was in Sar-Sargoth that the Brotherhood gave refuge to the scattered masses.

Through the early years, yes, trolls and goblins have been subjected to work as bondsmen of the Moredhel, but this is a means of learning to prove oneself worthy of existence within the Ancient City of the Dark Path. Indeed goblins and trolls are now more a part of the Dark Brotherhood than ever. For a troll or goblin not to consider himself a part of the North is to cut off one's tongue or gouge out one's eye.

Such a creature that joins the Kingdom is little more than a novelty, a pet of humans, and something to be traded by merchants at a Banapis Festival.

Such a creature is not fit to be called a goblin or a troll.

- Grudar, Brother of Trolls

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Agaeis, in the year 38.