Let the Dead Lead the Dead

Date: 12/15/2012 at 5:05
From: Loremaster Grudar, Keeper of the Dark Path
To : Everyone
Subj: Let the Dead Lead the Dead

Greetings Krondor,

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you this day, Triagia, to the Royal Krondorian Path Finders who have continually slipped and faltered in their sanity. For today, they have re-elected a dead man as their ranger general, the late Akaxi Xacatecas!

Now I ask thee, how has this come to be? A dead man still remains leader of the 'ever prestigious' Royal Pathfinders. One could wax fantastical about the spirit of a great man who shall return to the Pathfinders and he shall lead them to a new age, but that is puerile.

The truth is, Krondor, thy Royal Pathfinders who are sworn to protect thee have strayed and fallen, it is my belief this time for good. I for one, believe that such a lack of leadership is to be manifested as failure. If no individual can compete with an empty seat, perhaps the Army of the West should open its eyes to a new age.

One may ask why I care so much for the putrid city of Krondor. In truth, I care little of she that is the Kingdom of the Western Isles. However, it is much to my interest the lost souls that are her citizens. The Dark Path calls to even the lowliest of mortals, humans and dwarf alike. The Dark Path is Truth incarnate and at this time, She calls to all Her children

For years now, the Kingdom humans have been making pilgrimages of enlightenment within the Northlands to be empowered by the Dark Path. Some have succeeded as champions in the Northlands, however quite many more have fallen into the doldrums of obscurity. But I ask you this, humans of the Kingdom of the Isles: Is it better to fight, representing the Army of the West, a band of fighters who is lead by the fantasy of a deceased human, or stand along side that which is Truth in this world, with the chance to hold spectacle to the very power of the Dragon Lords of Old?

One may state the late Akaxi is still alive, and yes, the mortal coil of this man may still exist, but it is no where near the phantasm some may make him out to be. So to the humans of Krondor who fight for the still collapsing Army of the West.

I ask you this: Why?

The Dark Path Encourages.
The Dark Path Enlightens.
The Dark Path Empowers.

She shall do so til the light dost fade and Darkness consumes all.

Loremaster Grudar, Keeper of the Dark Path

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Dzanin, in the year 39.