Walinor and Armengar- It is time to rebuild

Date: 12/15/2012 at 19:11
From: Private Taevi Ravim Matawa
To : Everyone
Subj: Walinor and Armengar- It is time to rebuild

People of the Kingdom, the Free-Cities, Hadati Clans, and all of their allies, hear me.

Many of you know nothing of me, and many of you know me well. Let me tell you a story, and shed some light on my past.

Decades ago, I stumbled out into the cold and the dark of the world in a drunken haze, so addled was I that I could not comprehend the troubles I was yet to face. Nearly 20 years it took me to put down the bottle, and take back my life. But I was haggard, tired, 20 years older, and even more weary in the mind. No one would house or help the ragged alcoholic, who had no skills to offer, and nothing but a weak smile, mumbled apologies, and few rusty coppers. I spent many a night in the rain in dark alleyways, and cold roads, and highways.

In my travels I came to the town of Walinor, if it can even be called that anymore. It was here I found those even worse off than I. Ravaged my disease, and war, and the elements, the town was in shambles. Children walking around barefoot, coughing up their lungs in central squares. Mothers too sick and frail to tend to their wailing children. Fathers absent, or dead, or dying still. And yet, in this place of darkness and sorrow, I found my respite. A kindly old woman, whose husband had been lost to disease years ago took me in.

They built me a fire, and gave me the cleanest clothes they could find, bringing me back to strength, and wellness at their own expense, without asking anything in return. In turn, I rebuilt their home with my bare hands as an act of thanks. By the time of my departure, the entire town had gathered to bid me a teary farewell, so long had I stayed that I truly felt I was one of them.

Upon my return to Krondor, I was disgusted to find the city's gaze turned inward, political turmoil, and endless war keeping the focus from the true goal of what every mortal, humans especially, should keep in mind. These people, allies in flesh and blood and wartime and peace, trade partners, friends, and family, live in shambles. Is it not the duty of those who wield the power, the wealth, and the skills and heart to help those in need?

It is here I mention Armengar, a city burned to ash in an attempt to provide their people with proper escape, and aide the Kingdom in a war effort. So long ago was the tragedy that befell their city, and yet no attempt has been made to bring the once strong fortitude back to life. Thus, I make a plea. I call out to those with the powers of healing, the strength of political influence, the wealth of nations, to aide me, to help those ravaged by war, sickness, famine, and death.

I propose a foundation of a society, the Rebuilding, a charitable organization. Initial donations will go towards the formation of the society, whose duties will focus on supply allocation, clearance of illness, and re-institution of political and socioeconomic stability in war torn lands. Any future donations will go towards supplies, funds, travel costs, and all that will be needed in this effort to provide these people with a home.

The Rebuilding will be all-inclusive, and any with the heart to aide may join. We will focus on civil engineering, city planning, fortifying against the elements, and bringing light to the otherwise darkened lives of such kind people.

I call to you all now. It starts here, with this first step. Are we not people of kindness? As fellow beings with lives of suffering and happiness is it not our duty to aide those in despair? Come, let us bring light and warmth to these pleasant folk.

In Service,
Bearer of the Cleansing Flame, Pathfinder Taevi Ravim Matawa

Penned by my hand on the 26th of Dzanin, in the year 39.