Yoohoo! Heelloooes! Mr Nighthork?

Date: 12/27/2012 at 9:14
From: Roma, War Troll
To : Everyone
Subj: Yoohoo! Heelloooes! Mr Nighthork?

Hello's there Mr Nighthork (and Missuses NightHork, me not be discruminators), I wants to join yours super sekrets guild! I not tell anyones abouts your super sekrets, cereously, well as cereous as I pretend to be, anyways! No talkings about sekrets! I knows how to keep lips shut, I sew em's up with my daggers and threads, no, not mines, mys targets who be havings writs that is I be sewings, aahh.. I be digressings...

Let me throw another body on the track to get it back there (I nots be understandings this kingdoms idoims.. iditoms.. idiots.. ah, whatevers, I use it anyways).

I wants to join! You send a messenger boy to visit me once, he tooks long times to think he killed me (sorries, but I gots a bit tires so I lie downs and sleeps, he massage me ups a bit more with his dagger then leavings thinkings he be killings me) I forgots to ask for signs up details. Maybe I still be Priest or Mages in disguise then, but No! I be assassassins, I be so goods it even fools him! Aha! You must lets me in now!

I not be tellings no ones I be a Nighthork if you lets me join, we just keep that sekrets between us, no ones would even suspects... I doing winks winks with one eye rights now... Ok I stops now as it is hard to rites this sekret message to you whiles winksings... I be the sneakyist troll on the rooftops (they makes rooftops strongs in Krondor rights?)

I quietlys ask around but no ones in this one taverns be sayings much so I ask quietlys further afields now, you send me quietlys message and I joins up!

Roma, War NightTrollHork the Discreets

Penned by my hand on the 23rd of Wochem, in the year 40.