Date Auction

Date: 1/26/2013 at 13:49
From: Keeper of the Sacred Flame, Taevi Matawa, the Royal Archivist
To : Everyone
Subj: Date Auction

People of Elvandar, Krondor, and the Free-Cities,

First of all, I'd like to thank wonderful Aide, Jair, for the interesting party the other day. I don't believe I've ever seen my brother perform, so that was marvel in and of itself. With the success of the party, and before my time as Minister perhaps (officially) comes to a close, I'd like to open our next event.

I know this one has been popular, though strictly monitored, amongst many of you for a long time, so I'm reopening the Date Auction! I'll need volunteers, gender-non-specific, to volunteer to be auctioned off as the personal Date, tutor, hunting partner, what-have-you of the bidder. I'd like all volunteers to get their participation notifications to me by the middle of Dzanin, so there is ample time to prepare.

Now, the event is as follows, with strict outlines. No harm is to be done to the volunteers. The volunteers will each have their own personal limits, and desires as to how they would like to see themselves auctioned off and for what purposes. Any further deals can be made between the bidder and the volunteer in private. Bidding will be in gold, with 75% of all proceeds going to the ministry of Cultural Affairs, and 25% of the bidding price goes to the volunteer as compensation.

By the rules, the pact will last for 16 days, no shorter, to give ample time to make use of the auction, and any longer can be discussed, once again, in private. The auction itself will be held on Banapis, 42, in the Merry Dwarf Tavern in Port Natal. So, come one, come all, volunteer, get excited, and lets have ourselves some fun!

- Krondorian Minister of Cultural Affairs, Taevi Matawa

**As a note, since this is a Krondorian Sponsored Event, it is highly encouraged that the bidder share at least one language with their volunteer so as to not cause any confusion**

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Agaeis, in the year 41.