Our unstable Baron

Date: 1/31/2013 at 7:07
From: Demiurge of the Infinite Grin Lazariss
To : Everyone
Subj: Our unstable Baron

Citizens of Krondor,

As you all know quite well already, Krondor is at war. War with Kesh to the South, Sar-Sargoth to the North, and with the way events keep unfolding, there's the lingering possibility that we'll soon be at war with Elvandar to the West, too.

Those among us who revel in war have been proving themselves as glorious warriors on the battlefield, some too have been proving themselves as magnificent tacticians. However, one of us stands above all, our own Ranger-General, Raelyr.

It's no lie that Raelyr's a warrior within his own league. He's a legend, a master of combat who thrives on the boiling blood of war and during recent times he's been thriving more than ever. Thriving he may be, he is letting it all get to his head. The lust for war and combat is seeing the man driven wild, not only recklessly attacking our Eledhel allies, but now he has even turned his rage to his own city, murdering at least two citizens in the last week out of pure, irrational fury and simple 'grudges'.

Last week, an incident arose after Raelyr 'caught' one of my fireballs while subtly infiltrating a private conversation between the Duke and I about how he has been sabotaging the treaty between Elvandar and Krondor, after which, a fight broke out between he and I. The Duke, of course, commanded us to stop, and against my better judgment, I did. Raelyr on the other hand, defied the Duke's orders and went on to slay me. When I returned from the halls, he saw fit to brag about how he killed me, stating, 'no-one should mess with a warlord like me'.

This matter was 'dealt' with, quietly no less, by the Duke, and deemed an issue best left until after the war was over. This was 'acceptable', given the circumstances. However, Raelyr's arrogance did not end at that, and just this week he saw fit to slay Pela in cold blood.

Our Baron is a murderous madman, driven to reckless bloodshed by either the power of authority going to his head, or, what is more likely, by a certain curse held in his blood, stolen from the sect of Avarice. He has been sabotaging our treaty with Elvandar with his own agenda, one presumably shared with his 'brother' Caes, leader of the Infamous, and words have been circulating about his collaboration with the same mercenary guild in order to 'harden' Elvandar's troops for the benefit of Krondor.

With Raelyr left to his own devices, no doubt we'll soon be facing war on three fronts against the Eledhel we, for now, call 'ally', and we'll live to see more city members murdered by this fallen hero. Those among us who see sense and logic must put a stop to his insanity.

Yours in service,
- Grin Lazariss

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Yamiev, in the year 41.