Contest for Khali-shi

Date: 4/3/2013 at 3:38
From: High Necromancer Rhiarinn Khalishin, Grand Chieftain
To : Everyone
Subj: Contest for Khali-shi

Hail, Triagia.

No doubt each of you have felt the cold touch of Khali-shi upon your cheek, as you walk within the halls of death. If you draw breath now, it is due to Her infinite mercy and judgement. All of Triagia should rise up, and give thanks to the One who returns our souls to these lands, rather than sending us off to meet our Ancestors.

I will be holding a hunting contest, beginning now. The resplendent Khali-shi, also known as Lims-Kragma, is to be the beneficiary of your donations. For those interested, a listing of shrines where you should offer can be supplied.

Death shall be offering rewards, as follows:

First prize: 50 credits

Second prize: 20 credits

Third prize: 10 credits

All who offer above 250,000 essence: 3 credits

I welcome queries from all, if they wish to learn more of Lims-Kragma. If not, then slaughter, and gain from it.

Ihmak, Kahli-Shi!
High Necromancer Rhiarinn

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Natinica, in the year 44.