Lord Ka-Hooli and the Sect of Vengeance

Date: 4/28/2013 at 16:39
From: Onar
To : Everyone
Subj: Lord Ka-Hooli and the Sect of Vengeance

I'll be brief. As many of you may know, the Lord of Justice and Vengeance, Howler after Fugitives, Ka-Hooli has re-emerged to mortal perception, through His hand in the events in the Grey Towers. For some time now, I have worked in private, though seek to bring my efforts to the public.

I intend to revive the Sect of Vengeance

Knowing such a venture requires faith and dedication, I cannot do it alone. Vengeance is for the angry, the spiteful, the wrathful and the cruel. For those who feel the hatred of souls and hear the hurt crying out for retribution. If you have known pain, suffering, fury, and a righteous, burning desire to see those who bring harm to your passions, your loved ones, your causes. To the innocent, or not-so-innocent, then join me.

Aid me in this quest to bring the righteous end to those who harm others, the blade, the claw, the dagger, the sword, the death and pain to those who have earned themselves blackened marks upon the Lord of Justice and Vengeance's list.

Seek me out. Join me in my quest. Aid me, and let us bring true retribution back into this world.

- Onar

Penned by my hand on the 12th of Natinica, in the year 45.