Date: 5/12/2013 at 4:45
From: Bane of Shadows, Sappho the Revealer
To : Everyone
Subj: Storytime


Many of you have known me at some point in the past, fondly, or not so fondly. You've known me for fighting, or politics, or for burning things. What you didn't know is that I like stories. This is one of my favorite stories, a true tale told to me by an old friend who should have learned that hatred runs deep, revenge is sweet, and that I never forget a story.

Here we go.

Once upon a time, there was a great Dragon Chieftain, named Ashurmannus. He was a strong, fearless leader, who did great things for the Clan of Dragon, representing them well in the city, and in battle.

This Great Dragon man had an admirer, a lovely young Raven woman by the name of Rhiarinn. This woman loved Ashurmannus more than she could possibly say, and would have done anything for him. And Ashurmannus knew this, and decided to use it. You see, Ashurmannus wanted to see the Witch King at the time, Radakail, removed from the throne, and since Radakail had so much support, and loyalty in the city this was hard. Ashurmannus needed a person on the inside.

So, one day, Ashurmannus spoke to our lovely young, innocent and love-smote Rhiarinn, and suggests a plot to her. You see, Ashurmannus couldn't possibly focus on such details as love so long as a tyrant had the throne. But maybe... just maybe, Rhiarinn could help! He said to her that if Rhiarinn were to woo Radakail, and become his wife, get that close to him, and share in his power and influence maybe, just maybe she could help to overthrow him! And of course, when he was overthrown, he would take her away from the marriage, and they could have their happily ever after, together, for as long as their long lives would last.

And she agreed.

And so, the lovely, young, innocent Rhiarinn, filled with purpose, and glowing from the knowledge that the man that she loved needed her help, went off, and eventually she married Radakail, and plotted in secret with others to overthrow him.

Then, Ashurmannus went to sleep. He slept for a long, long time. It seemed that he would never wake up.

So, where did that leave Rhiarinn? Well, it left her in a loveless, sexless marriage with a man who would rather spend his nights with the male slaves at Licka's, leaving her entirely untouched. "Oh," she would lament, "He can have his lovers, but me? Too dangerous, for what would happen to me, the wife of the witch king if I took on a lover?"

But, time passed, Rhiarinn felt more secure in the power she had leeched off the then Witch King, and started propositioning any suitable, male Moredhel that crossed her path. Many young, healthy Dragon Moredhel men were approached, but alas, they wanted nothing to do with her, perhaps because she was a Raven, perhaps because she was the wife of the Witch King. Who knows? She was rejected by many Dragons.

Then, finally, Radakail was out of this throne. Not by Rhiarinn's doing, but by his own, quietly retiring in his madness. (For a while at least, but that's another story) and for a time, there was a glimmer of hope. Perhaps, just maybe, Ashurmannus would keep his word, proving that he wasn't just using her, a silly little Moredhel girl who was deeply in love with the Dragon Chieftain. Maybe he would come back, and take her for his own.

He did not. And in the end, Rhiarinn was left with the following three things:

1) Power she never wanted, and didn't know what to do with
2) A broken heart
3) An intense dislike of Clan Dragon.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Well, I hope this little story has entertained, and enlightened you. On a more personal note, I would like to leave a little comment. You see, fire is a vengeful thing. You poke at it, play with it, disrespect it, and it bites back at you. Sometimes, however, it takes a long time for an ember of resentment, a spark of hatred, the heat of anger, to grow into a good, powerful flame.

Thank you for your attention.

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Dzanin, in the year 45.