Inferno's Rise

Date: 5/12/2013 at 10:16
From: Feral Heart, Keriya, Hierophant of Inferno
To : Everyone
Subj: Inferno's Rise

A quiet time, a slumbering age yet one in which the raging inferno did not extinguish. A time in which it waited, burned only in the void of perception, hoping, waiting, planning, wishing, yearning to run free and bring the havoc in its wake.

A wait, a long wait, followed by a symphony of roars, a chaos of the mind, a lunge towards the outskirts of the world as it returned! A chaos? Can't you see it? Can you feel it? Rampaging fires building up inside you, the voice of the Burner calling to you, summoning you, giving you the needed bliss of burning with his fires, screaming "Freedom!" and taking in the heat, oh that blissful heat!

With its wake, spurred by the voice of our God, the Order of Inferno is now free from slumbler, revived with a fresh start, ready to share the devotion through every corner, every house, every little crawling hole. None will remain untouched by the purging flames, all will feel its calling.

It is with this great revival that the Prophet of Inferno,Sappho, has awaken. The Spreader of Confusion speaks to us all, if even through a simple revel of flames or the ash that follows. Can you see? Can you see her eagerness and the madness the fires brought her?

Sappho is an example! The first to be touched by this revival! Stories left to the imagination, the chaos in her mind, a scream towards the skies and world below. Isn't her madness beautiful? The fires giving her the urge to imagine, adapt, shout out through the world and spread confusion and madness. Her story is just that! The touch of a rising crescendo or fire! But can you blame her? No! I say revel with her! Love her for her chaotic madness, for this heralds the coming of Inferno, the crimson revel.

Stand and watch, cities of the world! Stand and watch and you'll feel your life passing by, you cannot run from the burning columns, the whirling fires, the dancing ash. You cannot hide from the spread of chaos, the cycle of purging, the faith and devotion. It will engulf you, it will make you feel like you're one with the embers, but are you? Are you worthy of such, or will you have the honor to be burned into ash, an ash that supports the conflagration?

That, we will see! Don't wait for tomorrow, celebrate this day as it's your last, bring the chaos to your eyes and scream out with us:

"HAIL PRANDUR! In your fires we revel!"

Keriya, Hierophant of Inferno

Penned by my hand on the 5th of Dzanin, in the year 45.