Krondor and Elvandar relation

Date: 6/24/2013 at 17:10
From: Triumphant Phoenix Abijah, the Paragon
To : Duke Ged Areleous, the Wise
Subj: Krondor and Elvandar relation

Ged, you win, this battle at least, I'll not play dubious or subterfuge methods of influencing, instigating or seeking information regarding our pseudo-allies stance. It has reached the point of nuisance, and I cannot hold it any longer. Yes, Grin's status as an Elf friend will be maintained, the majority of the edhels decided so, and I trust of their judgement and wisdom, their ascertaining of everything regarding that situation. Otherwise, I would not have started said referendum.

Now, I owe the people of Elvandar to stand by their decision. We'll not cast out Grin, regardless of whichever business he has against Krondor. We are not using Grin to provoke a War without consequences, either. If Elvandar has to have a war against Krondor or whoever else, it'll be easy to perceive, and there will be no doubts in the people of forest, nor the other part, that a war is in fact happening. I'll not start a war with you nor your people. However, I'll no longer respond by the rest of the eledhels. Allegiance with you brings more trouble than whatnot. Our main concern is to protect our Queen, our forest and our own kin. We will not waste time with low niggling aspects of helping or not helping your kin. All these has been bringing itch to the Elvandarians, and I am sure, to Krondorians as well.

If you were to have been diplomatic enough to come directly to me with your concerns and issues, I would have taken the time to listen to you. Instead, it seems you keep preferring to use the very few people of Krondor I still have some closeness and trust and disrupt all that by instigating your problems to me.

I'll make it clear.

When Ran was still an Advisor, and I was one of the Elders. I was in charge of bearing the letter, that was handed to you, claiming we were not to be allied to Krondor anymore.

The letter however, seems to have been twisted, into more or less beautiful words, through times, to cause confusion and distress in the minds of everyone.

Elvandar is not allied to Krondor.

Some of your own people have been taken advantage of our status quo with villages to snatch them as soon as Sargoth decides to claim them from us.

Some of Elvandarians and Krondorians alike have been spotted casually fighting together for villages, that is a mere case of inviduals fighting along side, from my side, for instance, I like to fighting alongside another Triumphant, like Erwing. It is not, from my perception, any form of alliance between Krondor and Elvandar.

The War with Keshians proved we're more not-allies than the opposite. Our goals, our perspective of the world, our views and standards can be very different at times, colliding even, I dare to say.

Elvandar is not allied to Krondor.

Elvandarians do not respond to your people. If they do so continue to aid Krondor, that is but the decision of individuals.

Grin will keep his Elf friend status.

And with that, i believe the treaty has been broken, because we're harboring non-citizens that have commited crimes against your city. The people have decided so. I'm honorable enough to stand by their decision, to not play games of confusion, and doubt causing.

Elvandarians are free to decide their own faith, when it comes to external policies now, as individuals. They have to keep loyal to the Queen and her word, they are bound to protect the forest, their home and they are not to harm their own kin nor any of the forest allies.

I'll not feed confusion.

I'll keep doing so until the Queen and Eledhels wish so.

In unity we thrive,
For Elvandar,

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Nuna, in the year 47.