The Dark Brotherhood

Date: 6/24/2013 at 22:11
From: Witch-King Malinx, Tide of Rising Darkness
To : Triumphant Phoenix Abijah, the Paragon
Subj: The Dark Brotherhood

Greetings Advisor and all other pitiful Eledhel,

It has recently been shown to the North through your most recent public post that you are allowing members of the Dark Brotherhood take positions of Elf Friend among you.

While I personally have no care to walk among the flowers and trees of your most enveloping shrubbery, there are perhaps others among the Brotherhood who would also wish to walk freely through your forest.

I believe Praetor Christoff is one among our People who would enjoy free passage to your Queen once more, having slain her once already I do not believe he would have the urge to do so again, unless the Dark Path is strong within his veins.

Onto another note, while the political on-goings of both Elvandar and Krondor may seem incredibly fascinating to you and yours they are found to be rather dull and irksome within the North, perhaps next time you wish to pretend Elvandar has a backbone and may stand up to the Kingdom through public display you will remember this and defend the North from the absolute foolishness that is Elvandar standing alone against the threats in the world. No alliance you claim yet your people will crawl back to the humans in time, history repeats itself far too often to believe otherwise. Once more, a letter will suffice on the next occasion so the will of the People does not seem so fickle in matters of human relations.

To the Duke of Krondor I send my thanks, the head of the Advisor of Elvandar, I hope it finds you drowning in blood due to a knife wound to your throat.

I would also state that Sar-Sargoth, the Ancient city of the Dark Path, is always open to those who tire of the political nonsense of the South. Point your weapons to the South and join with us, renegades. Accept the Dark Path and walk among those who would know the true power, Edhel. Bend the knee, prove your loyalty, fight for a stance that will ever be held true. If it is not of the North, it will be destroyed.

The Dark Path empowers,

Witch-King Malinx.

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Agaeis, in the year 47.