Date: 7/18/2013 at 21:59
From: Arch-Magistra Aritaelis, Enchantress of the Autumn
To : Grudar
Subj: Elvandar

Oh, Grudar.

Your proclamation raises a number of important issues.

- I am curious about the timbre of the Dark Path. Is it soft like a wind chime or plangent like a bell? Is it high pitched like a seagull or a low and rasping like flatulence?

- The distance between eledhel and moredhel is - you say - but the width of an eyelid. I cannot see how the distance should be bridged if we opened our eyes. Should we not also move our heads?

- ..and so forth.

There is little amid the childish rhetoric and mixed metaphors that justifies a response.

But I wonder how I fit into this clumsy sketch? I am not a child of Elvandar; I chose it as my dwelling of my own free will. I daresay I have a certain measure of power, but no particular interest in acquiring more. I think I would notice the influence you describe, but I haven't.

The truth is this. You preside over an arid and morbid code, chasing the crumbs of a departed power, and reinforcing the same dreary, adolescent cycle of ambition, spite, and revenge.
Elvandar is a refuge from such things.

Aritaelis of the Eldar

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Nuna, in the year 48.