An easier way.

Date: 7/21/2013 at 8:02
From: Grin Lazariss the Bloody Prophet
To : Everyone
Subj: An easier way.

Dark, light, what does it matter? You are all the same - simple people clawing their ways evermore towards simple goals.

Allow me to enlighten you.

The Dark Brotherhood perpetuates a facade of wrath and tyrrany, offering stubborn arrogance in order to hide its numerous flaws, subjecting those beyond it to segredation and insolence to guard its precious and simple traditions. It bears some icons of strength, yet they are fleeting, while others with vague renditions of competence strut proudly about displaying their borrowed power from an alien race that died out eons ago.

Yet, even with their flaws, there are still glimmers of wisdom flickering in the dark that so blatantly broadcast their true selves as people who live simply to satisfy their own goals, regardless of tradition, honor and morality.

And then there is the opposed 'light' to the 'Dark Brotherhood', the Eledhel of Elvandar. Easily angered, hot-tempered and virulent are these edhel, such traits that are so easily swayed to knee-jerk, childish conclusions and just as poorly conceived actions.

So paranoid that they might cross the bridge between 'good' and 'bad' that they shun the very notion that someone might do something immoral. So afraid that the outside world might use them, that they shut their gates to even the most sincere of visitors and live secretive lives in the trees. So protective of their wavering 'peace' that they will not risk uniting with the North in conquest of the humans that so frequently have used and manipulated them. Of course, the activists, those who have seen and suffered, those that wish to fight back are suppressed, put aside, and these are the types of people who inevitably seek the liberation of the North, a place where their views of war may be well received. The peace of the forest simply doesn't have anything better to do with those who would upset the fragile balance of its dream of peace.

That, Elvandar, is why your people leave you, and why you have such a difficult time granting your way upon the Moredhel. Your ways simply lack the leeway that is given by the Dark Path, and there is nothing enticing about peace to a people born with a debt to power.

The paths are flawed. You cannot achieve true satisfaction in all your personal goals in a place so richly smothered with reckless, dread-driven ambition. You cannot achieve it in a place that shuns the notion of discord and turmoil. A path is not something that can be changed easily, and with the ways as they are - why bother?

The reasons I bring all these points up is simple. There is another path, a simple path, one I like to call 'gray'. It is neutral, neither good, nor evil, not dark or light, just 'gray'. It is a road where I may follow whatever goals I choose, free from the restraints of tradition and law, a liberated path with limitations only I choose. It may be a lonely road at times, but therein lies the wonder of this third path - it intertwines with both light and dark so often it barely makes a difference.

So! To the Eledhel on the verge of casting aside one bold tradition for another for the sake of having their voices heard, and to the Dark Brothers that tire of the inanity of such a cult-following of an ancient, dead race, I invite you to travel a far greater road, one that condemns you to draw from your own strength rather than that of others. I guarantee you, there is no greater freedom than the liberty of the grey path!

- Grin Lazariss

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Agaeis, in the year 48.