Thank you for responding.

Date: 7/26/2013 at 22:58
From: Iaxhari, Adherent of the Blade
To : Grudar
Subj: Thank you for responding.

To Grudar.

I was forced to name myself no such thing, unless you believe the desk of my newsroom holds a crossbow embedded in the ceiling or some-such. I give myself that title because I am merely one of many and of low rank.

First of all, You can dispute the aspirations of your Path as much as you want, but you didn't call yourselves the Brotherhood of the True Path, nor are you Keeper of the True Path. I may as well call myself a Spellweaver and of Glamredhel descent, for all the truth those statements are when compared to yours.

Speaking of Spellweavers, perhaps you dont actually know the difference between them and the Queens Guard, so all the non-existant influence you can muster still wont mean the guards of our city are pacified by magic. One of our, no-longer, own used her rank to order them most likely under some guise that there was betrayers in our ranks, unaware their commands themselves came from the traitor. Use all the fancy words of manipulation, but go and ask Marluna if she was manipulated into doing what she did, was she manipulated into her feelings? Does she see the error of her ways and remain in a prison up north after realizing she was tricked? I don't think so. Your can use all the fancy words you can on some nag, but it still isn't a stallion.

The same guards you say were magicked to stillness would still but some shafts into your hide if you get in range of their bows. That is a certainty we both know, not a threat.

And I restate my previous comment, indeed you are quite entertaining, your imagination is boundless and ideas are extremely refreshing even as they spout centuries old drivel. I applaud your hand, and patience, for being able to handle all those big words before getting the urge to behead something.

The, I believe your were 'pretty, strong-eyed elf' who... Oh look, is still fairly Light.. Are trolls colourblind? I don't know.

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Dzanin, in the year 48.